Virtual Private Network

I posted this in the "To the Boot" section but thought it should have gone here. Has anyone used a VPN with their iPad travelling in Europe? Which one did you use? How successful was it?

Posted by Paul
Tuscaloosa, AL
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Don't have an iPad but have used several VPNs with smartphones and netbooks. Some work better than others so try them out before you go. Currently using VPNinja or NinjaVPN (can never remember which). Had good success with it (that is, it worked). Subscription is $6 a month, but no long-term contract required.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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What are you wanting to use the VPN for? I don't have an iPad, but last year I was using a netbook in Europe and wanted to watch some American TV shows that were not available on the internet outside of the US. I used Hot Spot Shield and was able to connect just fine. They have a paid version, but the free version worked great for me (there are ads that you have to ignore, though).

Posted by ir Kent 2
Kingston, ON, Canada
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I plan to use it basically for security when using WiFi sites.

Posted by Tom
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Witopia works very well and annual subscription is only $50. I've never had any problems using it either here or overseas. They also have a monthly rate.

Posted by Sarah
Here and there
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I use StrongVPN to access U.S. content when not in the USA and also for security when connecting to public WiFi networks. They have a variety of plan options depending on whether you want to commit to a longer term, and what type of VPN you need. It's worked well on my iPad when traveling.