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Using US Cell Phones in Europe

I know that my cell phone is the type that will work in Europe. Now, I have a really silly question. If I am in Italy, how do I dial from my US Cell Phone to the states? Do I still dial the 001 first, like with a land line? Or, because the number is associated with a US number, is that necessary?

And, on the contrary, when dialing a local Italian number, do I dial it just like I would from a pay phone?


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It's very simple with GSM phones. Always save your numbers in the following format: +1 XXX XXX XXXX. If you're inside the US it'll automatically connect you according to your local tarriff plan, if you're abroad it'll automatically predials the numbers needed to access the US. It's common among Europeans to always save phone numbers in this format so you don't have to worry about pre-dials. If you want to save the number of a French hotel or so it would be +33 XXX..., +49 XXX for a German one, +44 XXX for UK etc etc.