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Using an AT&T phone in England

Has anyone used their cell phone from ATT in England? My phone is capable of being unlocked and will charge a $5.99 fee per month plus 99 cents a minute or with no fee at 1.29 per minute. I would like to be sure that it will work. I only want it for checking in at home from time to timel

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Betty - Unlocking your phone and using it overseas with AT&T service are 2 different things. You can request an unlock code from AT&T/Cingular which will allow you to purchase a SIM card in the country you are visiting and pay less expensive rates for both in-country and USA calls. The alternative is to just use your phone as it is with AT&T as your provider and either pay $5.99 per month and then $.99 per minute or not pay $5.99 per month and pay $1.29 per minute. For example this past winter I requested an unlock code from Cingular for a trip to Aruba. When I got to Aruba I purchased a local SIM card for $20 which allowed me to make local calls for $.19 per minute or call the US for $.49 per minute as opposed to the $1.99 per minute Cingular was going to charge me. When you run out of minutes on the local SIM it can be refilled for different amounts of time. It was very easy and then I just popped my US SIM card back into my phone on the plane home. Hope this helps!

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ATT/Cingular is great. Hop off the plane turn on your phone and you are all set. All your friends and family can call you at your regular number. And all you need to do to call the US is dial a + (press and hold 0) then 1 (area code) and the number.
Even your voicemail will work and text messages.

Cingular authorizes your phone for international use with a simple phone call for free.

Traveled to 15 countries with Cingualar and it has worked from the pacific coast of mexico to dunes of Dubai to Amsterdam

If you intend on making alot of calls and talking for a long time (you should be on vacation here hint hint) then pay the $5.99 discount plan fee for the month. Unlike some features you can remove this discount plan without a penalty.