*Updated itinerary* Please give me your opinion on this itinerary

Let me preface by saying i'm 28 years old and i'm going with my gf.

Day 1: Rome
Day 2: Rome
Day 3: Rome to 12pm, 2 hour train to Florence
Day 4: Florence till 2pm. 1 hour train to Pisa. Pisa till 5pm. 1 hour train to La Spezia. Train to CT
Day 5. Cinque Terre
Day 6: Early train to Venice. Arrive Venice at 12. Venice till midnight. Midnight train to Vienna
Day 7: Arrive Vienna 8am. Vienna all day
Day 8: Vienna till 3pm. train to Prague
Day 9: Prague
Day 10: Prague
Day 11: Leave Prague at 10am. 6 hour train to Munich
Day 12: Munich
Day 13: Munich
Day 14: Day trip to Salzburg
Day 15: Early train from Munich to Interlaken
Day 16: Interlaken area
Day 17: Interlaken area
Day 18: Day trip to Zermatt
Day 19: Interlaken to Geneva. Geneva for half day, night train to Barcelona
Day 20: Barcelona
Day 21: Barcelona
Day 22: Night train from Barcelona to Paris
Day 23: Paris
Day 24: Paris
Day 25: Paris
Day 26: Afternoon train from paris to london
Day 27: London
Day 28: London
Day 29: London
Day 30: London/day trip
Day 31: fly home

Please give me your thoughts. If you think i'm crazy, that's fine, I am. If you think it's too much traveling, too many places, let me know. If you think i'm spending too much time in one place, let me know. If you think i'm not spending enough time in a place, let me know. I know i'm not spending enough time in Florence. I know i'm not spending enough time in Rome. Any advice on day trips in the Munich area or Prague area would be appreciated.

Thank you everyone that has helped me plan this trip.

Posted by jason
charlotte, nc, US F'n A
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there is only 3 night trains in this whole trip. Venice to Vienna, Geneva to Barcelona, and Barcelona to Paris

Posted by jason
charlotte, nc, US F'n A
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traveling at night to and from barcelona saves time and money.

I can take the train at night, when i would be sleeping and I will have a europ pass, or I could travel during the day and pay to fly. Just doesn't make sense to me. Am I wrong?

Posted by Susan
Marin County/San Francisco
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I think you're trying to do too much...

We did a 7 week trip in July '08 going all over and I wouldn't go anywhere if we couldn't stay for 3 nights, a few exceptions I'd do 2 nights. Traveling is incredibly fun but it's very tiring.

You need time to relax and enjoy where you are.

Whatever you decide, don't shorten Paris...my favorite place!

Posted by Michael 1
Phoenix, AZ, USA
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I would reverse the order. London will be a little dull by the end. Rome may be too much at the beginning.

Is this your first trip out of the US F'n A?

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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Keep your schedule in the Alps flexible. I would choose one area, either Zermatt or the Berner Oberland and stay there. If bad weather comes in on a day trip (as it can suddenly), you've traveled for nothing.

Posted by jason
charlotte, nc, US F'n A
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Flying into Rome and out of London, can't go back.

Also, the weather will be better in May then the end of June in Rome.

Posted by Anna
Seattle, WA, United States
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I'm normally weary of the "you're doing too much" comments, but in your case, it really does seem like you're doing too much in the first portion of your trip.

I'm confused about the Rome/Florence thing - you're leaving Rome at noon for a 2 hour train ride to Florence, and you're only staying in Florence until 2pm? So, you're just transferring in Florence? Why not just say "3 hour train ride from Rome to Pisa", there's no point in mentioning Florence if you're not spending any time there. Nevermind that, I can't read. But my other point stands -- 12 hours in Venice between trains also seems kind of insane. Are you sure you won't be just a little too tired to enjoy it?

Everything from Prague and on seems just fine. Why not apply the same pace to the first part of your trip? Maybe do Day 1-4 in Rome, then 5-7 in one of your other Italian destinations. Spend days 8-10 in either Prague or Vienna.

Basically, while I see no problem with a somewhat brusque pace, especially if it's your first trip, I do think that you should have at least a couple of days in one place between long intercity train rides.

Posted by Anna
Seattle, WA, United States
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What is the point of asking opinions on things that you seem to have already booked? Perhaps you could specify what parts of your trip are still flexible, so that people don't waste their time giving advice that isn't needed anyway.

I agree with Michael, it seems more like you are asking for feedback just to defend what you have decided on rather than potentially using any advice you get.

Posted by jason
charlotte, nc, US F'n A
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I will be in Florence for around 24 hours. Arrive at 2pm on my 3rd day, and stay until 2pm on my 4th day. I have already reserved tickets to David and the Uffizzi.

Posted by Toni
Charlotte, NC, USA
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You are trying to do quite a lot in just a month. I'd consolodate some things. I absolutely LOVE London and even after more than 40 trips want to go back. I could spend a week there again and not do all I want to. Why not skip Barcelona this trip and divide the time between Paris (not my favorite, but most everyone else loves it) and London. I'd also try to add time to Salzburg, and Austria in general. In fact, I'd skip Interlaken and Zermatt and Geneva this trip and add Innsbruck and time to Vienna and Salzburg (personally, I'd stay in Salzburg and do a day trip to Munich). From London you can do day trips to LOTS of places: Stratford-upoon-Avon, Cardiff, Dover, Canterburry, York, Bath, Brighton, Windsor, etc, etc, etc. I'm certain the same is true of Paris and I know it is true of Salzburg and Vienna,and Rome. Consider picking 3-5 "centers" and staying put longer - do day trips. You'll find you are much more rested and enjoy the trip much, much more. You'll also get the full flavor of the cultures. Think about Rome,Salzburg, Paris and London. I am certain you could get cheap flights and use the Eurostar for London/Paris.

Posted by Randy
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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You're doing the stereotype 21-year-old backpacker trip at age 28. That's a little unusual, but I don't have a problem with it. If you think you'll sleep on trains, go for it. It's an incredibly efficient way of moving from one city to another.

I wonder though, what it is you hope to accomplish? You are in a mad dash to see cities (with the exception of Interlaken). By the time you get to Paris, you will be tired of cities, and that would be a shame since Paris is wonderful. But it's unlikely that it will feel wonderful to you at that point. London is wonderful, too, in it's own way, but will seem like a dud at the end of this trip.

It seems likely that you will spend a great deal of money to see a lot of urban restaurants, bars, hotels, hostels museums and cathedrals, and then be able to show your friends at home an impressive collection of photos. I doubt you will learn much about any culture or it's history, since very little of that is on display in the Disney-does-Europe, made-for-tourists urban cores.

But I'm not sayin' you won't have a good time. It could be a blast.

Please consider changing your "US F'n A" tag.

Posted by Michael 1
Phoenix, AZ, USA
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I can't figure out why you asked for feedback. You seem to want to debate things people suggest.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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"You are in a mad dash to see cities (with the exception of Interlaken). By the time you get to Paris, you will be tired of cities, and that would be a shame since Paris is wonderful."

Agree very much with this comment. On my first long European trip several years ago, I really didn't enjoy Munich that much. Why? Because I had just seen St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Warsaw, Krakow and Prague. After a while when you hit several cities head to head, the unique features of each town start to bleed into each other. You get to the point where all cathedrals start to look the same, and you couldn't care less about seeing another collection of Old Master paintings, no matter how impressive.

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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With this proposed itinerary you need another full week to digest really every place listed. It's good you feel you have unlimited energy to carry out this agenda. T went on a trip similar to yours at 27 for 35 days in 1977, had no jet lag upon landing at CDG...in my twenties I didn't even know it was, and covered only 3 countries, Austria, West Germany and France. My suggestion is that you skip Spain, if not that, then skip Switzerland. That would free up 3 days. Since you intend on taking a night train, sit in the general seating area (Sitzwagen) to reduce your expenses, if you can sleep upright; (no problem there with me even at 60 now); no need to reserve a sleeper or couchette, which with your Pass you'll still have to pay extra. Definitely at your age--I was 21--I took a night train exactly like that without having to pay extra from Vienna to Amsterdam. If you're determined to take a day trip from Prague--I wouldn't--take the train to Konopischt, a fascinating place which I have yet to see.

Posted by Carroll
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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This is way more moving around than I like to do. I like to cram a lot into my trips, but I like to stay in a much smaller geographic area so I don't waste time traveling from place to place. I don't think I could tolerate night trains, but if you can, I think this itinerary is good, at least after the first week (which is just way too much zipping around for me). At least you have the most zipping around at the beginning before you start to wear down.

I do think Toni's idea to drop Barcelona is a good one. It would give you more time in a couple of your destinations and might allow for an extra day trip or two into the countryside. Also, if the night trains prove to be difficult for you, it will take a lot out of your physically and could put a damper on your last week. But if your heart is set on seeing Barcelona and you're pretty sure the night trains won't bother you, then go for it.

I hope you have a great trip!

Posted by Lindy
Kansas City, Kansas, USA
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If I count correctly you are doing 8 countries in 1 month. I am 24 and spent a month in Europe last year and did 3 countries in 1 month. You don't seem too keen on taking any advice, based on your comments so far, but I really recommend changing a few things. For one, I'd pick either Prague or Vienna, you are not doing justice to either.

I'd also skip the Cinque Terre and add time to Florence and Venice. That just takes you out of your way and do Pisa as a daytrip from Florence.

Personally if you don't change anything, I think you will be comptely exhausted and not enjoy the last week or two where you are spending enough time in each city to actually enjoy it.

Posted by Kent
Pacific Northwest
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Jason: You're fortunate that people here are telling you the truth and giving accurate advice, instead of just doing the easy thing and telling you what you want to hear.

Most of us eventually learn, either the easy by taking good advice or the hard way.

Good luck on this, and happy travels.

Posted by Adam
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I'd save Barcelona for another trip. Spend the two extra days among the choices you have. Enjoy your first day in Paris rested.

Posted by Elaine
Landstuhl, Germany
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to Jason and Michael-what does US F'n A mean exactly? If it means fu--ing then I have to say that you 2 need to show a lot more respect to the USA!! I've never heard that phrase, and as a proud American, and one who supports our troops in Germany, it's really a rude phrase, and has no place on this website. WEBMASTER--where are you?????

Posted by Michael 1
Phoenix, AZ, USA
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Frankly, I don't know what it means, but I'd assume you are correct. I was referencing it in asking the OP if this is his first trip since that is where he says he is from.

You are clearly more American than me.

Now I need to return to my Sunday flag burning ritual.

Posted by Teena
Piedmont, nc, usa
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Too much for one trip unless your goal is to see train stations. Pick 3 countries and actually see them. I've never taken a night train so I can't speak to them but day trains lose their luster after a few days especially when you think of all the time you're spending sitting rather than actually seeing what you presumably came for. There are a lot beautiful places to see from Rome to Florence. Why not slow down and see them? 2 half days in Florence? Such a shame! Why not start in Rome, work your way up through Italy, move on to France and then to England. There's so much more to see in these 3 countries than just London, Rome and Paris.