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Under $100 NonStop from or to Budapest

I need some creativity. I need a location where I could stay occupied for 4 to 5 days in late September. Where? Why?

Has to be nonstop from or to Budapest, under $100 ticket cost. I can deal with maybe an hour to an hour and a half trip from the airport to a final destination.

Nature is good but the idea of sitting in a cabin in the woods doesn't thrill me. Fishing would be good, if there were a town involved. Big towns and small cities always good. Guess I could be happy with a hotel and a few day trips, or even an over night ... but trying to keep it simple.

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Hi James, it would help if you listed the places within that $100 radius that you've already been to and/or don't care to return to. I'm sure there are several. Otherwise, you'll get responses that waste your own and the respondent's time.

Also, other than WizzAir, what other (presumably budget) airline(s) departing from Budapest would have < $100 fares?

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James....excellent trout & salmon fishing near Malmo with direct flights on Wizzair in late September (20th) for less than your taxi fare to the airport. Eighty-nine minutes non-stop.
Train or car from Malmö to Mörrum area (90 minutes by car) (train connects thru Lund).

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What about Balaton?

  • no flight
  • cheap
  • full flexibility
  • fishing
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Okay, the problem is too much to choose from. I go through this a few times a year. Thought someone might have somethng I hadnt thought of.

Where can you go non-stop for under $100? Just looking East of Hungary (I've been to the ones in Bold, but that doesnt preclude a repeat visit if someone has a great idea):

Targu Mures
Tel Aviv

Yes, I could do Balaton. Tihany is my favorite place on the lake. And I dont need to go fishing, which is great cause the only fishing in Hungary is Carp; sort of not sporting and a bit disgusting.

A train ride would be fine too. But nothing longer than 4 hours...

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Blue439, now you are talking. That's sporting fishing. I hadnt considered going north because it tends to be a bit pricy. But for a couple of days good fishing, some good food, and a decent bar .... worth considereing.

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What about Timișoara or Oradea? Or Bratislava? Sorry, no insights on fishing.

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Well, if you want to come back to Tel Aviv, my guest room is available. Before you think about Eilat check the hotel prices. Or you could cross the border to Aqaba, same water, much lower prices and the possibility of a day or two in Petra.

Malta is great!!

Krakow has enough for 4 days, especially if you want to visit Auschwitz and/or the salt mines. I didn't find Warsaw as interesting.

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Sweden isnt in Eastern Europe :-) Trip is booked. I can travel a lot if I travel smart.

About $25 from Budapest to Sarajevo on Wizzair. Yes, I get the cheap rate because I leave the heavy stuff in the apartment in Budapest and just carry enough for the 4 days of fishing.

AND, I doubt I could find this in Sweden for 30EUR a night: