Trip Insurance for Grandchildren

We will be taking our grandchildren to Europe the end of June. My husband and I will buy trip insurance for ourselves, but I'm wondering how you've handled this for a 14 and 16 year old? I talked to Insuremytrip, and they told me they would go on a separate policy. Their parents are in the process of changing insurance, so I'm not sure at this time what it will cover internationally. What would your suggestions be? Thanks.

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Won't the parents' situation be settled by the time of the trip? If they don't have international coverage, I would at least get them some basic medical insurance and med evac. I wouldn't bother with trip cancellation or lost luggage or whatever else might be on what you are calling trip insurance. Everyone should have some kind of medical insurance, in my opinion, unless you have the funds to take care of a potential problem. But medical insurance for teenagers should be pretty cheap.

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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To me, 'trip insurance' is just that - insuring the trip, not necessarily the people; that would be health/medical insurance (and yes, trip ins. can include med/health ins). Guess that's kinda like 'backpacking' through Europe - most people aren't really 'backpacking through Europe', but merely wearing a backpack while visiting Europe. Semantics ;-) If you and your spouse need to cancel, can the cost of your grandkids' tickets be absorbed by you or your children who purchased them? What if one of them breaks a bone while in Europe? If you or your husband needs to be hospitalized, your grandkids won't have insurance to cover any itinerary changes. I haven't priced any insurance for teens, but surely it's no more expensive than for myself - and that's pretty cheap, like the cost of a couple of good guidebooks. What if one of the kids breaks a leg or becomes ill immediately before the trip and can't go, or you want to postpone the trip until all can go? I'm not trying to tell you the sky will fall - but if you're thinking about it, get it. And be sure you have whatever documentation you might need for any treatment they might require while away from their parents!