Travelling with pets

My sister has lived in France for five years and is planning to move to Spain .
Can she take her pets dogs and cats two of each across the border without a pet passport? Thank you Samantha

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Actually for years now every European gets that blue pets passport with their dogs and cats. Why would she not have those? She can get it at any vet's office...

Posted by Samantha
Paris, France
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Hi Thanks for your reply.
My sisters vet has now given her pet passports as she already had vaccination certificates . Thanks

Posted by Renee
full-time world nomad
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Glad it's all sorted. We brought our dog to Europe last year and drove all over the place. In 12 months the only time we were asked for papers was when we were re-entering Greece from Turkey. For the benefit of anyone else reading this thread, I'll add that driving a pet is different from flying a pet. You don't need papers for your dog if you're driving within the EU, since there are no more border checks. If you're planning to fly, I'd pick up a pet passport from my local vet. Best of luck to your sister on her new adventure in Spain. :-)