Travelling to France with Kindle Fire

I am totally confused - even with reading the prior Ipad etc questions Will have Kindle with WiFi access in Normandy and Paris. Will also have son's I Phone (which I prefer not to use) Would like to get a navigation app for Kindle . What would peoplerecommend? Also what else do I need to bring in terms of charging it

Posted by gone
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hi, dont know about the other stuff, but your kindle should have come with an charger/adapter. look at the adapter closely and look for something like Input Voltage: 110/220 VAC. If that the case, then all you need is an adapter. It allows you to plug it into their wall sockets. others will chime in with the other stuff. happy trails.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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That's a new one on me - I didn't know that Kindle Fire has GPS. Kindle people here may be able to help with that one, I don't do Kindle. I'd love to hear though. I can speak about the iPhone. Which iPhone? If it is a relatively new one, 4, 4S or 5 you could consider NavFree which is - free. Good too. I use it all the time on my 4S. It does use both GPS and cell triangulation so we will need to have a chat about using an iPhone in Europe if you decide to use darling Son's phone.

Posted by Lo
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I used my Kindle Fire for the 1st time, in France, last year. Everywhere we stayed had free wifi. You should have a charger that came with it with a US plug. All you need is a European plug adapter with 2 round prongs. In fact I just plugged mine in here in Amsterdam to finish this reply before the battery pooped out. This year I bought the very cheap app Maps with Me from Amazon. I have used it all over Belgium and the Netherlands. It's a bit clunky but it resides on the Kindle without need of wifi. You can zoom in and out for great map detail and the big picture. You can put electronic pins on the maps and follow those. I recommend it for those of us who don't want a disembodied voice telling us what to do all the time and for those who want to be able to see more than the next turn. You could also get a laminated Streetwise Paris and leave the Kindle at your lodgings when you are there.

Posted by Ken
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Diane, As Nigel mentioned, you'll need to be VERY cautious if using your Son's iPhone. It would help to know which network it's connected with, which model of iPhone it is and whether you plan on using it at all? The biggest risk will be charges for data roaming, which can be ENORMOUS (ie: five figures)! I can't help with Kindle navigation app's, as I've never had any occasion to look for them. I always pack along a Garmin NĂ¼vi GPS to use for navigation. For charging you'll need to look at the charger / power supply for the Kindle Fire to determine the Input Voltage specifications. It's almost certain that the Charger will be designed for operation from 100-240 VAC, so you will only need the two-pin Euro / Shuko Plug Adaptor (for use with un-grounded appliances). They're cheap, so I'd suggesting taking at least two as they're easy to misplace. Are you taking any other electrical gadgets (ie: Camera with charger)? You'll need to check the Input Voltage spec's on EACH ONE. Happy travels!