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Travelling to Europe with 2 yr go or not...

Hi there,
We live in New Zealand...which means a 24 hour trip to Europe. I was thinking of going to Europe to seek out medical treatment for condition I suffer from being pregnancy.

Anyways...if we decide to go our baby would be over 2 yrs old then BUT she is such a great routine now and I would hate to mess that up. Of course I would be o.k with the lack of gd routine while we were away...and would need to have gd flexible attitude.

What is people's advice?

Is it worth the 24 hour flight?
Could it potentially mean my baby may never sleep through the night again? when we return...or do kids just eventually go back to normal patterns?

I would appreciate anyone's advice?

Stopovers?? anything anyone can think of would be great.
Thank u

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It seems a bit strange that you would need to go all the way to Europe for medical treatment. I would think that anything offered here would be available in NZL or Australia, or even in California.

Also, I can't imagine that 12+ hour flights would be terribly comfortable when pregnant, especially if you are having to keep track of a 2 year old. The 2 year old would probably bounce back pretty quickly, but you'd have to keep him/her occupied through 2 or 3 flights of up to 12 hours plus connections, immigrations etc.

You should also carefully investigate the full costs of any treatment - including accommodations in Europe, as care is not free in almost any EU country unless you are a resident and they take a very dim view of 'medical tourism' these days.


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Sherid, if you suffer from a medical condition, won't your family be better off if you take care of it?
I'm glad your little one has a good routine now but last night might be the last time! Just because she has a good routine now--even if you never left New Zealand--that could change or she might have a good routine till she's 18 years old! (I have 6 "little ones"....the baby will turn 20 next week!)

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Yikes, the mere thought of taking a toddler that far give me the shakes!
Isn't there somebody who could take care of her while you are gone?
Darcy is right--schedules change when a leaf falls, so there's no guarantee your little one would stay on hers.
You'd have to spread your energy between what you are going to Europe for, and taking care of the little'd be pretty frazzled upon your return.
I wish you good luck with the medical situation, tho.

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I wouldn't travel with a toddler unless it absolutely could not be avoided. If you have a medical condition you need to be able to concentrate on that and nothing else, provided that you have a good place to leave the child while you are gone. You didn't say how long this trip would take, but I think the baby would be better left at home.

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Thank you all...
I am not pregnant was when I was pregnant with my baby who is 18 mths now.

I am actually going to UK to see an not that expensive medical costs. If I could see someone in NZ/AUS/USA I we are working on that. The Osteo will have to perform some special adjustments for pelvis just so happens that the main website worldwide for the condition I have is based in UK and it appears that the problem is mainly a 'European' one...not all that common in other places in the world.

It would be that the people who run the website have recommended this particular guy in the UK and if he could get me pain free that would be great! Iam just concerned that the longer I leave my problem the worse it may be to fix.

I imagine that I would at least need to see him for a few sessions - over a couple of weeks. So that is how long the trip would be.

I just don't think I could leave my baby for that time.

Thank u

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I understand. I wouldn't want to leave a baby for that long, either, but I would have a harder time with it than the baby would. I guess my advice would be to find treatment that wouldn't require that long a trip (how can an osteo problem be only in Europe, anyway?), since you don't want to leave the child.

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Thank you :)
If I can find someone closer to home then definitely won't be going :):)

Unfortunately Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - which is the condition I suffer from is not quite so simple to is not just an adjustment...

It is a complex condition. Unless it get fixed up I most likely will not have another child.

I have seen the most knowledgable person here in NZ, but I am still not better and would like to have the option of having a nother child without being permanently disabled after - which is a chance.

It is more common in UK...I don't know why...and at the moment it appears that there are more people there who treat it.
I have contacted the Aussie SPD site to see if they know people save me the trip.

I suppose it comes down to finding that expert and having the peace of mind that I did all I could.

Thanks for your understanding.