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Our primary communication tool for our European vacation is going to be our iPad Mini. Any tips on what apps to download before going overseas (maps, RS city tour info, etc) and what can be accessed without being in a WiFi area? This will be our first trip with this type of electronic connection. Thank you.

Posted by Susan
Columbus, USA
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Here is a list of some of the apps I find helpful when traveling. Packing light helpers/Practical things 1. Alarm 2. Flashlight 3. Calculator 4. Compass 5. Language Dictionary/Translator (may or may not be connected to Wifi, haven't played around with this one yet) 6. Update the Contacts Apps with Emergency Contacts and people you want to mail things to. 7. Evernote/Notepad with addresses of Hotels/Itinerary/Flight Info. Fun Things to Pass the time 1. Music 2. Ibooks/Kindle App -> Download Guide Books
3. Sudoku 4. Game of Choice I am also an avid photographer, so I will upload my pictures to the ipad at night and then once I have wifi at the hotel or hotspot, I will then again up load them to shutterfly or sharing site of choice. Also if you are near an Apple store, stop in and they might have some suggestions as well. I would be lost without my ipad:)

Posted by Lynn
Leesburg, FL, USA
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Thank you. Can you upload to Shutterfly overseas? I have used it here in the US. Or is this a "cloud" account and it does not matter where you are? I am pretty new to this tech stuff.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Anywhere you have access to wifi, it works. Face time works well for staying in contact. If you don't have wifi access, then you are dependent on what you have stored on the hard drive.

Posted by Sandy
Palm Desert
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I don't think any of RS apps need to use wi-fi. I always print up a larger map of his walks as the one in the book is a bit small. You should also email your iPad mini a copy of all your travel arrangements, and be sure to include emergency telephone numbers to your credit card company. airlines etc.

Posted by June
Edmonton, Alberta
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Good ideas so far. IConvert works for $$, temperature, milage, many more, not sure about offline data though .if going to france, sncf the train company has an app. I like a variety of books, so will have some purchased from ibook,free from my library or My last trip I discovered iTunes U, I found audio or av lectures o areas I was visiting, so nice to have useful info to listen too while washing out the clothes in the sink. I have some photography ones to play with too and apps to help learn the language you are visiting. N Enjoy.

Posted by Nicole P
Truro, NS, Canada
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Just want to mention if you need some entertainment to pass evenings in the hotel or time on a train...if you've bought movies recently, some of them may have digital copies that you can download to your itunes and watch them (they can take up a lot of memory, and some people don't watch a movie more then once, but it's there)...and if they had Ultraviolet copies included, you can download Flixster app and watch them offline thru that. You may have a friend who loves buying movies but doesn't use the digital copy, or, if you still have local video store, ours sells the digital copies for $5. Also, if you have magazine subscriptions, you can prob download the issues for free in your newsstand and read them while on the road (I have my Entertainment Weekly, Nat Geo, MacLeans and some travel ones) or download and pay for individual issues. You of course could only initially download new issues when online.
I downloaded Instaweb for pdf's you can look at offline...nice for maps, directions and such.

Posted by Nicole P
Truro, NS, Canada
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MORE... You may be able to download guidebooks for your destination instead of carrying paper (I got Frommers California day by day - it's lovely on the ipad, you can highlight and make notes and bookmark). I noticed some DK city guides avail. Another neat one if you have people who want to follow along with you - Travelpod - a travel blog/diary, but you can work on it while offline, as well as adding pics, and share it when you have a wifi connection (BTW - McD's is great for this!). Nice app to update during your downtime on trains or evenings in hotel rooms...while the memories are still fresh! I'm trying to do last years vacation and it's hard to remember a lot of it. There are other travel diaries as well, but I just happened upon this one.
Last but not least (need wifi), I found 3 diff apps that everyday offer a 'paid' app for free. I have downloaded more then a few paid apps for free, including instaweb, one called tiny scan, and some neat games and photo apps. These apps are call App of the Day, AppGratis (for iphone or pod, but you can still see it for the pad) and Apps Gone Free.

Posted by Nicole P
Truro, NS, Canada
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Oh - I also got a lightening to SD card reader to upload my pics to my mini...if your camera uses SD cards (there are other adaptors avail as well)..and you may want to pick up a little speaker - the volume isn't very loud on the pad itself, but in a hotel you may want more volume - we got an iHome brand from our local Staples for $20 on sale (reg $30) that you can 'unlock' (twist up) and expand for more bass, but it's about the size of an orange, and is rechargable as well. OK, done!

Posted by Pam
SF Bay Area, CA, USA
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Try these... MapsWithMe Adobe Reader Reading Light
Google Translate

Posted by Lynn
Leesburg, FL, USA
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Wow, wow and wow, folks. Just picked up my Mini today. I have my second iPad class on Friday to get better acquainted with the beast. You all have offered such wonderful ideas. I will definitely spend some time making a list and picking/choosing. Any and all info appreciated. Will let you know how things go. Love the diary idea. I have a small notebook and kept a written diary on the last trip and was very glad but may try the electronic version as well. Thanks again all.

Posted by Kathy
Winston Salem
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Just came back from a trip with iPad mini! A few free things that I would download are: - maps - compass
- voice translator if you are going to a non-English speak country

Posted by Kent
Kingston, ON, Canada
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What a great list. I just purchased an iPad mini for an upcoming trip to Italy. Had no idea what I was going to do with the thing. Now, I can really explore. Thanks to all contributors.

Posted by kay
san antonio
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Also one of the several apps for reading the night sky, spotting constellations, if this interests you.