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Traveling wih a toddler on a cruise of Europe

A friend of mine is traveling next week to Europe for a cruise. She has a two year old and is trying to minimize the baggage as much as possible. Does she need to take a lot of diapers? I told her everyone poops and pees and that she will be able to find diapers in Europe, right? She may even find a brand she likes better than what she is using now and will mourn the loss of them when back in the USA.
Also, she has to take a car seat, but what about a stroller? I told her that I would plan on taking it unless she wants to carry the toddler everywhere.
Comments, suggestions????

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I wouldn't take one of our gargantuan, deluxe, SUV-type strollers, but rather pick up one of the small, little, collapsable "umbrella" strollers. They must still make them - or your friend can get one in a baby consignment store.

Also, I'd take enough diapers to get her through at least the first one or two stops on the ship. She should be able to buy diapers fairly readily at a pharmacy or grocery store, but should allow for "suprise" events like holidays, etc., that we don't know about. The good news is that box of diapers, etc., will only be toted the firt let of the journey from her home to the cruise ship. After that, she'll never have to cart it around again.

I'm just visioning her being trapped on a cruise boat without enough diapers! (Also, most cruise ships have little shops where you can buy necessities. I've never traveled with a child, but I'm fairly sure they'd have diapers. At a premium price though).

Good luck to your friend.

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Thanks so much for your advice! I can't even imagine not having enough diapers on a cruise ship! What a nightmare. I'll let her know that she has a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not a train! She will be relieved to know what the nappie situation is.