Traveling to Pais with food allergy

My son has a severe allergy to peanuts, tree nuts and sea food. My husband and I are not fluent in French and will be taking some translated allergy cards.I have found a native French speaker to translate the severity of the allergy as well as having to be careful about cross contamination in the cooking. We will be traveling in June for 4 days and staying at a small hotel near Rue Cler. I will have Benadryl, epipen, and steroid just in case. I am trying to identify some restaurants beforehand so I can look at the menu online. I am not sure if restaurants are aware of these severe allergies or If they will be accommodating. Has anyone been to Paris recently with these similar allergies and can recommend some places to eat? I do plan on bringing him snacks from home and the hotel does have breakfast items that are safe for him. I have pretty much ruled out pastries and bread for him. I am trying to find lunch and dinner places. We will be in the tourist areas (Eiffel, Champs élysées, Notre Dame, Louxembourg, Sacre Ceour).

Posted by Deb
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Go on the Graffiti wall section of this website. Some of the posts there have links to a variety of websites on allergies and eating in Europe. I believe some of those sites list restaurants. I'd start there. Trip Advisor may have some posts too. (I've not looked, but a friend of mine with a severe egg allergy said she found the info there useful) Best Wishes.