Traveling by train from Interlaken, Swizerland to Varrena, Itlaly

Traveling by train. the best way, least amount of time and expense to get from Interlaken, Switzerland to Varenna,Italy for my son's wedding. How much travel time does this involve?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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lucy, That's actually a fairly easy trip, but will take some time. I'd use a departure from Interlaken Ost at 07:29, arriving Milano Centrale at 10:35 (time 3H:06M, 1 change at Spiez, reservations compulsory on second leg). There are later trips, but they have at least two changes (not a big deal if you're used to that). When you arrive at Milano Centrale, you'll transfer to the Regionale train to Varenna (DON'T forget to validate!). The station is officially called "Varenna-Esino". They have departures every hour or two, so you should be able to connect with an 11:20 departure. That one has one change in Lecco, while the 12:20 departure is direct. Milano - Varenna travel time on the direct trains is 1H:03M. You'll go through a tunnel just prior to arrival in Varenna. BE SURE that you're ready to release the door and disembark promptly, as the train only stops for about a minute! Depending on which hotel you're staying in, you should be able to walk (there are sometimes Taxi's at the station, but not always in my experience). Total travel time will be 5H:55M if you use the 12:20 departure from Milano Centrale. Please extend my congratulations to your Son and his bride. Happy travels!

Posted by Sasha
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And you should be able to save some money on th eticket for the one leg that requires reservations (spiez to Milan) by buying your tickets well in acvance (like 2 or 3 months) on the Swiss train website,