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Travel Planning Websites?

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for websites where you can input your itinerary and view it easily? I love Rick Steves, but carrying around travel books all day is just not efficient.

I have been working on yahoo - they have a travel planner there, but it seems overly time consuming to put in all the information. Also, there's not the kinds of views I would hope to have.

If anyone has any suggestions with European (I'm going to scotland, bath, and London) destinations, I would appreciate it!


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Diana, do you mean like a schedule/itinery?? I would probably check out some tour sites and see what they offer, and pick and choose what you want to see from them. Its a bit of cheating to use someone else's schedule but its helpful.

Rick's book is the best. Tear it apart and write down the cities and sites you "must" see.

If you still cannot figure out what you want, I would suggest using a traval agent who specializes in Europe. SOme times a T.A. is the best solution for the undecided.

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I would use a guide book to pick out what you want to see and then type it up and print it out yourself. That way it is exactly what you want and it will be compact. You can also go to Kinko's and cut the binding of your guidebook, then you can take only the pages you want.

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Diana - I may misunterstand your question but you could set up your own blog on Google and then enter your itinerary on that. You can password protect it for privacy. I used one to store links to hotel websites, travel articles, transportation websites, etc.

Then, during your trip, you can access that information without having to carry more paper with you. Being able to access it, of course, depends on being able to access reliable internet connections.

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I'm not aware of any websites that allow travellers to input their Itinerary and view it?

I normally prepare my Itinerary as a WORD document and then transfer a copy of this to a USB memory unit, which goes with me on the trip. If I want to view the document, I can do this on any computer equipped with WORD.

I also take a "hard copy" of my Itinerary in my Day Pack, and that's what I work from most of the time. So far I've never had to access my "backup" copy in the memory unit.

I also travel with one or two of Rick's books specific to the countries I'm visiting. I use those for reference if my plans change, and I need to change my tour arrangements.


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There is a program that I have used for years. It is called EuroData 2.5. It is very simple but provides a place to store imfo on currency exchange rates, Hotel info, City and Country data, a budget calculator to keep track of expenses,a calendar AND the calendar has ample space for listing what you want to do, telephone numbers, etc, etc. It also records your flight infor, insurance, car rental, etc. really an excellent program and it cost the huge sume of $10. You can download it at The website has other info on it so you may have to look a bit to find the download site but it is there I promise.


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I used Google Calendar to plan a recent trip. You can set up "appointments" for specific times of day (e.g., Notre-Dame, 9-10 am, Louvre, 10am - 5pm). You can include fairly detailed notes with each "appointment," easily move things around, and print out your final itinerary in "Agenda" mode. It's free, so if you decide you don't like using it you've nothing to lose.