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Travel Insurance: what to do incase you need to claim...

I will be in Greece/Austria/Germany in September and will carry travel insurance (to cover lost/late baggage, missed connections etc etc).

Question is what should I do in case I need to claim. e.g. if my flight is late and as a result I missed a connection and bought new tickets, do I need to get an official statement from someone saying my flight was late? Who would issue that statement? Obviously, I will keep receipts for anything I had to buy b'cos my baggage was delayed for a day or something...

I certainly hope I don't have to claim..but if I have to, I want to make sure that my claim isn't denied because I didn't collect some piece of paper from some official.

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The terms and conditions of your policy will tell you what you need. Companies have different rules, so there is no set answer. Read the "small print" of your policy carefully so you know what's covered and what to do if you should need to use it.