travel insurance..price is cheap..too good to be true?

I am embarking on my Spain trip next week for 17 days. Part of that trip is a mountain biking expedition in the Southern Sierra Nevada mountains. I am required to show proof of insurance that covers me in the event that I get hurt, over seas. Well, I did that with my current 2012 insurance. But the mountain bike portion of my trip does not start til Jan 1st. We have new insurance in 2013(just found this out 2 weeks ago). I will not have my cards until after I leave. My corporate office of the the hospital I work for can not give me any group numbers and so when I call the insurance company, they can not give me information on coverage overseas without me having a group number. Ugh. I know I can show the bike company my old information and get by, but what if I get hurt, then what? So in looking at American Express travel insurance coverage which includes medical, dental, evacuation, travel cancelation, baggage loss, etc, the cost is only $118 FOR THE BOTH OF US. I put in an estimate cost of our trip being $7000. This seems so cheap to me and I wonder if it is too good to be true. Even if I do get the documentation that i need for medical coverage outside of the states, I feel like I should purchase it anyways for the other things that it covers.
Does this price sound right? Or am i missing something here?

Posted by Michael
Griffith, IN, USA
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I use american express health, and evacuation policies everytime the wife and I travel oversea's. Yes it is cheap. The CDW coverage is only 24.95 per rental. Real cheap. Now I never had to use them so that I cannot comment on. Yes I hope I never have to comment.

Posted by Nancy
Corvallis OR
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I purchased full coverage med ins for my trip last summer. My estimated trip cost was 10,000 and it was for 2 months in Europe. The cost was approx $200 so your cost seem in line.

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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Nancy-from which company did you get coverage for 60 days? We are going for six weeks next September. I ran our trip through "Insure my trip" for an estimate and it came back with odd results because our trip is over 30 days. I then re-ran it for a 30-day portion of our trip and it was fine, but we really want coverage for the whole trip, not just 30 days of it.

Posted by Charlie
Honolulu/Seattle, HI/WA, USA
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Since I turned 65 and have limited coverage in Europe by Medicare, I have taken out T.I. thru Travel Guard for the last couple of years. Listing a total trip cost of $4,000 for each my wife and I ($8,000 total) T.G cost $450 last year and just over $500 this year. This package covers everything possible including an Umbrella Coverage that doubles some of the limits. If some of you folks are getting it for half of what I am paying, I had better do a better job of shopping around for coverage for our trip in 2014.
I originally checked out InsureMyTrip for information and settled on Travel Guard as it had a flyer in our RS Trip Package.

Posted by Jim
Bern, Switzerland
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Hi Kelly, I don't know anything about your insurance policy, but as a Swiss, I would be concerned about two additional costs - for the mountain biking part of your trip: cover for the cost of the search and rescue services, not just the evacuation to hospital or medical centre. And the other big ticket item is repatriation costs, if you needed to be hospitalised for a long period, I expect that you would prefer to do so closer to home, so this could be a big issue. Best Regards, Jim.

Posted by Elaine
Columbia, SC
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Charlie - It's probably not a reflection on your shopping skills. Like regular health and life insurance, the premiums for travel insurance involving medical and evacuation increase with age.

Posted by James
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I have a policy with Medjet express. Can't comment on how well it works and hope to never have to. Runs about $360 A year if memory serves me correctly.

Posted by Kelly
St Petersburg Florida
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Somewhat wiping the sweat off my brow. My company just emailed me documentation that I have coverage overseas. For those who have purchased traveler's insurance, did you also have your normal insurance....meaning is double coverage better than just 1 type of coverage? I obviously see the importance of the other aspects of the traveler's insurance; trip cancelation, dental, lost luggage.

Posted by Swan
Napa, CA
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When I made my reservation on United for a flight to London, they offered me insurance for (I think) $28. I read the document and it seemed to cover everything. The price seemed "too reasonable," but I bought it. My main concern is evacuation home if necessary. I'll just refrain from tripping over curbs and probably won't need it. I'm on Medicare now and have some problems with my eyes. I'll have medical care for that before I go, and hope that I won't need to use insurance. On previous trips I have bought a limited policy that covered mostly emergency evacuation for about $120. Never used it. In the countries I will be visiting, I think I can rely on emergency room trips being available to me. I hope I don't need any of that, but it's nice to know help is available---just in case.

Posted by Roy
Auburn, AL
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I never even thought of buying travel insurance until four or five years ago, but I buy it now. My attitude changed when I talked with an acquaintance who had thought he was in good health until he had a heart attack in Turkey. His policy covered treatment in intensive care there and medical evacuation back to the states. Without it, he said, he would have had to declare bankruptcy.

Posted by Jeff
Bend, OR, United States
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The low premium reflects how rarely claims are made. The vast number of travelers never need/use the coverage.

Posted by Lynn
Leesburg, FL, USA
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So, does the American Express travel insurance cover folks that do not have any insurance at all? We lost ours when my husband's company folded and we are out of COBRA range. Limping along without at the moment. Both of us <60, in pretty good health. Going to Germany/Austria/Hungary in 5 months. Traveling with one backpack each (no checked luggage) and would insure plane travel, eurail pass, medical, dental, evac, trip cancellation. Do you have to have an American Express card to get this coverage or is anyone eligible? Website info please. Thank you.

Posted by Nancy
Corvallis OR
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Travel medical insurance will cover you even if you don't have any other insurance. I don't know about American Express (whether you have to have a AmEx card or not) but you can check on all different providers at I personally used TravelGuard insurance for my latest trip but have used others in the past - whatever covers what I want to be covered at the lowest premium. Be sure to read coverage information carefully to make sure it covers whatever you need. It's not terribly expensive and does take a load of your mind, so well worth the cost.

Posted by Lynn
Leesburg, FL, USA
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Thank you, Nancy. I do have a brochure from Travel Guard and have used them in the past. AAA will do travel insurance also but you have to book all your travel through them to qualify and I plan on doing that myself. Appreciate your comment.