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Travel Insurance???

Dear Help Line?

My husband & I are taking our first trip to Europe. We are in our late 20's. We are taking 4 1/2 weeks and doing everything on our own. No tour groups.
We bought most of our flights on Travelocity and one on EasyJet. Always getting the extra insurance through Travelocity which gives the details of coverage below. Is this good enough or should we take out more? My question is what is the best health insurance for us? We are traveling to the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, and Amsterdam.
Schedule of Coverages & Services for each Flight

Part A Travel Arrangement Protection Max Benefits per Person:

Trip Cancellation Up to Total Original Flight Cost (maximum $800)
Trip Interruption Up to Total Original Flight Cost (maximum $800)

Part B Medical Protection

Emergency Evacuation/Repartriation of Remains $15,000
Medical Expense $5,000

Part C Baggage Protection

Baggage/Personal Effects $1,000

Part D Travel Accident Protection Max Benefits
per Person:

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (Air Common Carrier) $250,000

Part E Worldwide Emergency Assistance

Emergency Cash Transfer Assistance 24 hours
Medical Consultation & Monitoring 24 hours
Emergency Legal Assistance 24 hours
Emergency Medical & Dental Assistance 24 hours
Lost Travel Documents Assistance 24 hours
Emergency Medical Payment Assistance 24 hours

The benefits in this plan are subject to certain restrictions and exclusions. This is only a brief description of the coverages available under policy series 52735MO. The policy contains reductions, limitations, exclusions, and termination provisions.

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I'm looking at the medical expense coverage, is it really limited to $5,000--that is not very much coverage.

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Thanks for the info. I'll be checking out the above websites ASAP.

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Without a doubt, this not enough coverage for medical and evacuation fees. For example, a leg or hip injoury that requires special seating on an airplane to get you back home, starts at $20,000 USD, and very often can be double that. IMO you need a policy that covers at a minimun $25,000 medical and $50,000 evacuation. I usually go with a policy that does $100,000 medical/$75,000 evacuation.
Check out this site:

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I don't know what you are paying for this, but it's not nearly enough coverage. Look at for a comparison of different companies and what they cover. Rates are dependent on your ages, so it should be inexpensive for you for much better coverage.