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do you have any recommendations as to where to travel in June ? single . travelling alone.

Posted by Ron
southwest, Missouri, U.S.A.
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Hello Martha. Do you not have any preference as to what country you will go to ? Did you go to a country in Europe, prior to this trip ? June is in the summer, thus I would prefer to go to a place where the weather is not hot. That could be at mountains in Switzerland or Austria, or at the Scandinavian countries. I enjoyed being at Norway and Sweden. Those are the tranquil countries in Europe. But Norway and Sweden are expensive for tourists.

Posted by Bob
Gettysburg, PA
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Martha, please try to tighten up your question. For now, I will say Portland or Eugene.

Posted by Kira
Seattle, WA, USA
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Depending on your age, I would say you should avoid Italy, southern France, Spain... I am serious. I have never seen as many, uh... "family jewels..." flashed at me as when I was single, young, and traveling in those places. I was never in danger, mind you - but there were some unpleasant incidents. Once I got to be over 30, those things stopped happening. (And no, not because times have changed.) For weather, agree with the others that if you don't want to sweat yourself to death, you could head north. The British Isles would be an excellent choice if you are a first-time traveler or aren't terribly confident not just being alone, but being alone and not speaking the language. Denmark is awesome in June. Pricey, yes, but then the UK isn't exactly cheap. Most if not all folks you will encounter in standard, in-public tourist situations in Scandinavia will speak English, so there's that, too. Paris would be terrific! Anywhere in Wales. London. Edinburgh! Glasgow. The Highlands. Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany... Tell us what you are thinking of/prefer and we'll be able to do better.

Posted by Martha
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Thanks....I have been to the UK but not to Wales or Scotland so perhaps I should start there...and I guess I should have said I am over 50.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Kira is lucky I guess I have travelled to most of those places in my twenties and never seen any family jewels being flashed at me!! lol Martha I am in your age group and have done Paris and London by myself, and Paris, London, and Rome alone with my kids. Liked all of them, felt safe in all of them. Tons to see and do in all of them, so what more does a person need... I prefer Paris to the rest though because I never feel different dining solo in Paris, is totally acceptable and normal there.. ( hey plus just love paris. ) Language has never been an issue so don't let that hold you back. Also just for me, I don't like to drive overseas so I tend to prefer places that are easy to explore using public transport ( buses, trains, undergrounds)some places would be lovely to visit but driving all day by myself does not appeal to me, I would need a navigator at least.

Posted by Rose
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I'm with Pat. I would never discourage someone from visiting Italy, southern France, or Spain for the reason stated. I've traveled all over and never seen anything even close to a flasher, never even seen or heard anyone whistled at or cat-called to, or touched inappropriately. Actually, I take that back a bit - I did see a young, very attractive American woman, who was dressed a little immodestly by local standards, touched on the butt and spoken to inappropriately by a youngish man in a predominantly Muslim bazaar in Hyderabad, India. She confronted him angrily and he backed away.

Posted by Ken
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Martha, It would help to have some idea which countries you've been to and which you might be interested in seeing on this occasion? Given your home location, you might find it very helpful to take a drive up to Edmonds and browse the free Library at ETBD or watch some of the videos. You could also speak with Rick's well travelled and expert staff, who I'm sure would be able to offer some suggestions. I'm also in the "60+" age group and would have no hesitation in travelling solo anywhere in Europe (and in fact will be doing so very shortly). Are you planning to travel in June THIS YEAR? Good luck and happy travels!

Posted by Brenda
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Martha, I am also in that 60 age group. I traveled overseas for the first time two years ago. I went to India to help son and family get moved there for 6 months, but I gathered up my courage and stopped in Paris for a week coming home. I only speak "tres peu" French - very little. However, I was greeted by kind French citizens and never had a problem with the language. I had not only never been to Europe before, but was not used to traveling alone. I had a blast in Paris. I never felt stressed, afraid, alone, or bored. My only problem was there wasn't enough time to see everything. Even though others told me how simple the Metro was, I was surprised at "how simple the Metro was." I am heading back in a couple of weeks and am very excited. The last trip was in July and it was in the 70s every afternoon. They say the average high temp in Paris in June is 74. So that should be perfect. Paris is a great place to travel alone. I agree with the person who said you can eat alone in Paris without "sticking out." I never felt uncomfortable and ate at many different kinds of places. If you decide on Paris, check out the following link:
All of his ideas are good and I have traveled most of the routes he suggests there. Also, eat at L'ami Jean. It is a Basque Restaurant and is fantastic. You will not be able to hold all the food they give you. However, you MUST try the rice pudding for dessert. If you let them know, they will get you an English speaking waiter. Have a great trip where ever you decide to venture.

Posted by Kira
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I stand corrected. Not "avoid." Just - know what you might run into. :-) That being said, you're over 30, so no need to check in dark corners for flashers and worse.

Posted by Leslie
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Au Contraire Kira! I had a laugh when I read your post. I'm recently 40 and still get this special 'greeting' when alone or with my gal pals. If I'm with my hubby or dad, never happens. I was beginning to assume it was a normal salute these past decade plus years of travel. The most recent trip last month I decided to document this on the iPhone which encouraged others to 'salute' too. Needless to say, my cheeky sister always had her camera phone handy :) This isn't unique to Europe either, just not as popular in North America. Regardless, never bothered me traveling alone but I always like the bigger cities by myself. I've done a handful of small locale trips alone. Fun, but like the city trips better.

Posted by Pamela
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The great thing about traveling north in Scotland or Scandinavia in June/July is the amazing light. The days last forever. I've not traveled in Scandinavia, but would love to. I've traveled extensively in Scotland solo. And, I was much more comfortable in the Scottish pubs on my own than the ones I ventured into in England. But it may be that I just have better luck and now since I've traveled a lot in Scotland greater confidence. : ) I'm sure you'll have a great time wherever you land. Pam

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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Don't rule out Eastern Europe. I was hesitant to go alone, without knowing any of the languages. Friends encouraged me and I had a great time, alone and over 50. I flew to Budapest, then by train to Vienna and flew home from Prague. If I'd had more time, I would gladly have extended the trip to include Krakow. Except for Austria, your dollars go a lot farther than in the West.

Posted by Russ
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Below are some trip reports from "older" solo travelers in Germany, including one from me. They may give you some ideas. Bavaria Ben's 2011 trip and 2008 trip My 2011 trip HHAV's 2009 trip