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Travel in spain during april

Could someone please advise me on the weather conditions in spain during the months of april and may and how busy it would be
Cheers Lucy

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Depends a bit on where in Spain. In southern Spain April was not that warm and it rained quite a bit but I gather that it is usually warmer. Pleasant and sunny but still several layers of clothes etc. Easter is very widely celebrated all over Spain so everywhere is busy around that time. There are wonderful Easter parades in Spain. May is warmer but in terms of tshirts/ beach weather etc you would need to wait until June (or I would!). July in particular is very hot in southern spain.

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We were in Spain and France in April and May a few
years ago and it was cold. Because of that we got
some good deals on hotel rates.
No one really knows what the weather will be like
from year to year.

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Depends partly on what part of Spain you are visiting. I was in northern Spain in May this year and it was warm enough most of the time to go without a jacket (I sometimes wore an unbuttoned blouse over a t-shirt), but it rained lightly several days. Northern Spain is the only part that stays green all year so it never gets as hot.

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I am not sure there is an definate answer to your question. We were in the Madrid area for week during the first week in April. Had everything from hot short sleeve shirt weather to snow. Not a lot it was very white one morning around Segovia.

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I was in Madrid and Barcelona last year in time for St. Patrick's Day. The weather was cool and it rained 2 days. By the way, its not easy to find Corned Beef and Cabbage in Madrid on St. Patty's Day.. LOL

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Generally rainy and cooler, but a perfect time to see Spain. Fewer tourists, less expensive, but very unpredictable weather. We had snow in Madrid, hail on the Costa del Sol, and torrential downpours in Toledo. The year before it was sunny and beautiful in Barcelona. Pack for all possibilities.

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We were in northern Spain in April 2001 and the weather was very pleasant. This was the week of Easter -- we were in Barcelona -- and it was warm but not hot (ca. 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit) and didn't rain at all. As we drove north into the Pyrenees, however, we did get a bit of snow!

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Thank you to all that kindly replied to my weather in spain april/may!
Definately will take clothes for all weather
Nothing like being surprised
Cheers Lucy