Travel in late August in Europe

For our 25th wedding anniversary, we would like to try somewhere new, we're considering a 10 day vacation end of August/ early September. We are open to suggestions - as we're living in Paris for a few months, and have visited Western Europe extensively (and some parts of Central Europe like Vienna, Prague & Budapest), we're considering Croatia area, or St. Petersburg / Latvia / Finland area. We would like a combination of beautiful scenery & history, as well as somoe outdoor activities (e.g. hiking).
Pete & Karen

Posted by Agnes
Alexandria, VA, USA
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I found Croatia to be incredibly beautiful, mellow and untouched by rampant development of the coastline (in many places there are small villages and homes right on the water)...I went there around late Aug/early September and was even able to swim (although it was cold, but still fun). There are plenty of hiking opportunities as well - Mljet, Krka parks, Brac island for example. For "history" (at least if I interpret you correctly), you can see some bigger cities like Split (and the smaller Trogir). Croatia has plenty of Yugoslav war history although you won't see/feel as much of it along its coast.

Posted by Claudia
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My vote would be Turkey. Yes, even with the present problems with Syria.

Posted by Tom
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My vote would be to the north, because it can get nasty hot in the south. Finland would give you plenty of outdoor activities, but the layering of history that you find in other parts of Europe is not as evident.