Travel from Brive-la-Gaillard to Arles (France)

Does anyone have experience DRIVING from Brive (France) to Arles? There are only two weekday trains, one leaving at 7:00 and a later one which does not arrive in Arles until 23:00. Too early or too late. Thanks, Stephen

Posted by Ed
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Using the freeway essentially via Carcassonne is fastest, maybe five hours of road time, the scenery sucks. Going through Figeac adds an hour and is more interesting. For an hour and a half extra, go through Saint Flour and along the west side of the Cevennes national park. This route wins the prize.

Posted by Bev
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Well, you will have a scenic driving experience or at least, we liked the scenery. Get yourself a good road map. We have a big laminated one that we use constantly, both in France and now. Since the A routes seem to go north-south, I would agree with a previous poster to enjoy the cross country route from B-l-G to St. Flour and then the A75 south to the coast. OR, you could enjoy another cross country trip from St. Flour to the E15 south of Lyon and then south. Or, if you want to stay on the four lane routes, go north to Clermont-Ferrand, south to St. Etienne and then continue on the four lane to south of Lyon and then south to Arles. ALL these routes may be toll roads. You will need to consider the cost of the tolls in factoring the expense besides the time. More miles but it maybe faster than cross-country. Lots of driving, albeit very scenic. What about flying within France? Have you checked about that? My husband and I would drive because we like seeing the back areas but it does take time and money if using the toll roads. Whatever you do, have fun! We will be interested in finding out what you decide to do. Whatever you decide, you just have to consider your time, driving fun and the costs plus the frustration of "discussion" with your travelling partner, if you are travelling with someone.

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What date are you traveling? Using and, I get 2+ more trips per weekday...