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Travel for People with Disabilities

Does anyone know of any good tour companies for traveling with someone who has a disability? I have been following Rick's books and TV shows for years as my husband and I did our traveling before he had a stroke two years ago. Don't think Rick offers anything but would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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I don't know if there is any resource for this kind of information or not. Our thought has been to investigate a boat trip or a canal trip but we haven't done so. I'll watch your replies.

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You might also want to check the Graffiti Wall's Accessible Europe section.


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We were able to find wheel chairs in most attractions in May in Ireland and in London. I took my 76 year old Dad and we were able to get around pretty well on our own. We did lots of boat tours and that worked for us.

Good luck on this .....If I remember any websites for this..I will get back to you.

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A simple Google search came up with the following:

European Travel For People With Disabiltiies

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I did a Google search, too, which is where I came up with the links I listed above, and there were many more I didn't list. And though I don't usually recommend it, you could check with a travel agent for information about tours that are geared for people with disabilities.

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I wanted to thank everyone who responded to my request. I've checked out all the websites given and done some research on my own. It seems there's more out there than I thought. Thanks again. We hope to be traveling again soon!

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I'm sorry that I don't have any specific recommendantion. I do have one suggestion, though if I may...

When you are evaluating which company to go with...Confirm their level of service and level of Medical Care. Ask specific questions related to the type of sevice and care you/your partner may require. Don't assume anything.

You may want to find out how Medical Emergencies and Injuries are handled? Is there a qualified licensed health care provider as part of the team? Is there a Doctor/Nurse/EMT/Medical First Responder available 24/7 days a week travelling with you? This all depends on the level of care required, of course.

You did mention that your husband has a history of Stroke. Would the Tour Operator know what to do if something like that or any other Medical Emergency were to happen? I would at least want to know that all members of their team were qualified in First Aid as a minimum.

I hope you will take these points into consideration and ask the appropriate questions. BTW, I am also EMT (and In-charge F/A). I can't help but carry that with me everywhere.

Safe Travels,