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Travel Books and boots

I am travelling with four travel books (3 city and 1 country guide) They take up some room and are a little heavy but I need most of the information in the books. How do you go about packing travel guides. Rick suggests taking the pages you need but that includes most of the books and if I start to tear them apart I fear I may lose some information. WIll the books fall apart once you start taking pages out? What is your suggestion?

I was also hoping to bring some boots for an occasional hike but they are kind of large. Can you hike in Italy using sneakers? (my walking shoes are decent but a little worn and I am not in a good place to buy more shoes)

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Hi Nick,

I've heard people say that instead of ripping out the pages of the RS books, they cut the spine carefully with an X-acto knife. This way, the binding stays intact for the sections you want to take with you, but still allows you to leave behind the sections you don't need.

I hope this helps.

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Nick, you don't say where in Italy you will be hiking, but I would think you will be fine in sneakers for all but the very rocky trails in the Dolomites. And even there---I have seen people hiking in sneakers, or even sandals.

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Nick - Exacto blades are the way to go. Ricks books rip/cut appart nicely. LP and Rough Guide are nice to - but may take a bit more work depending on how they are bound. I had 3-4 books and cut them down to less than half and it worked great. Put like chapters together and leave behind. RE lose pages - if you have this issue (since not all the chapter always stay together nice) - use a few black binder clips - they work great. Available at the staionery section of your drug or office supply - or look at the office for a few!

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I cut out the pages I want and then paste them in my travel journal. I use the moleskin journal with the elastic to keep it shut.

IN the journal I paste the pages or information I want to see at a specific city, I also have a copy of my schedule, reservation/confirmation info, etc. Basically its my "bible" of the trip.

In addition, I bring a glue stick and paste receipts, restaurant info, and highlights on my trip.

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"In addition, I bring a glue stick and paste receipts, restaurant info, and highlights on my trip."

EXCELLENT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We traveled through 8 countries in 8 weeks and took several of Rick Steves' books. We knew we would be returning to some of those countries in the future and did not want to destroy the books.

As we traveled we mailed the books home along with "stuff" we purchased along the way.

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You can walk just about anywhere on trails in Italy with sneakers...just make sure they have a good tread left on them. Boots are necessary in the mountains. If you are talking about the Cinque Terre, you can do it in sneakers...the same for Mt Vesuvio. Heck, you can even hike these places in sandals if you really wanted.

If you say, "occasional" hike, then don't bring boots...too much weight, and you might not end up hiking at all!

As far as the books go. I take guide books with me, never tear them up. what if there is something that I needed, but left at home? I take books in my daypack, and check my luggage. I travel light, but don't feel the necessity to carry everything on. Just my daypack goes on the plane with me.