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Travel Agent in Amsterdam?


I was hoping for a recommendation for a good, if budget Travel Agent in Amsterdam. I would really like to reserve my Sleeper train from Interlaken to Florence, but I am only going to be in Interlaken for one day prior and I fear that all will have been taken by then.
I can't afford to reserve from the states as it is 45.00 just for the handling fee.
Rick Steves suggested that I contact an Amsterdam travel agent, but I have no idea where to start.
My B&B where we are staying is tiny and isn't very responsive to email.
Thank you for your help!

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You should be able to make these arrangements at the "International Ticket" windows at Centraal Station once you are in Amsterdam. They are located next to platform 1 upper level. In addition you can also use the same international windows at the Schipol Airport train station. If you prefer a travel agency, simply doing a google search for "travel agency Amsterdam" will get you several listings.

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I've made reservations from Switzerland into France on daytime routes with Dutch Rail, but I have never tried it with overnight trains. I would attempt to to make your overnight arrangements with Dutch Rail, if they can't do it, I'm sure they can give the names of some nearby travel agents that can help you out.