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Transporting and using a CPAP in Europe?

I have a CPAP unit for my sleep apnia and need to take it to Italy in June. I am interested in hearing if anyone had any issues with electrical power, carrying it on flights, or other sleeping comfort concerns. Thanks.

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I have traveled with my CPAP to other countries - not Europe though. I carry a letter from my doctor explaining what I am carrying and have never had an issue at any airport. I cannot speak to electrical issues as the countries I traveled to all were 110 voltage.

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I just returned 3 weeks ago from Germany and Italy where I carried my CPAP on flights from Munich to Venice and returning. The security people always had to test it to make sure it wasn't explosives, but they had obviously seen them before. Actually, when I looked at the fine print on the outside of the CPAP unit, it says "MADE IN GERMANY"...

I also took the converters and had no problems in either Munich or Venice.

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I went to France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy last fall with a CPAP and never had any problems. Take your converter for the electrical outlet. Like Tim said, airport security will pull you aside and wipe the unit down to make sure their are no traces of explosives, but they have seen hundreds of these devices before.

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We have been to Italy/Sicily three times with my CPAP machine,(I am not countiong trips to Germany, France, Austria, etc.) and have never had a problem (except once in Naples) when I turned the machine over, and showed them the statement on the bottom that "This is a medical device", and also showed them it is "made in Germany"...... they were satisfied. Sometimes they make me take it thru the XRAY machine, but that is no big deal. My machine does NOT need a converter(check with your provider), just make sure that you have the 2 types of electrical connectors that allow your US device to be plugged into the Italian elec outlets. I also take along a heavy duty extension cord, and a 3 way adaptor. Italian rooms are notorius for not having enough outlets, and you want to make sure that you can still have a light in the room, and your CPAP machine! (Actually the only REAL probelm I had was at our local airport......they made me check it 'cause the "sniffer" detected? explosives!)