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Train Krakow - Munich - Venice

From Krakow (3 nts), what train do we take to Munich (4 nts)?

If we decide to visit Prague from Krakow, what train to Prague (3 nts) then to Munich?
From Munich, what train to Venice?

Please include the ride time & aprrox cost if possible between destinations. Is there a leg you would recommend flying?

We have 19 full days, excludes flying into Krakow & out of Florence.

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Did only a cursory look, but the only segment that looks to me to be better to do a train is Prague to Munich. All your other potential transfers, I would look 1st to fly and then see what savings a train might make.

You just have to plug in your dates for each method to see how the costs compare for each segment.

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If you want to see schedules, input your information at
Krakow to Munich, there is a way by Dresden and a way by Vienna, all taking 12 to 13 hours.

If you want to go via Prague, there is a 7 hour direct train around 10 am. Price quoted from Polrail (an agency) is about $110 equivalent, but that seems high to me. Should be about half that, judging by the Czech price going the other way.

Prague to Munich there is a direct train every 2 hours taking 5 3/4 hours costing 38 EUR for advance tickets from Deutsche Bahn, but you can probably get cheaper just buying in Prague. There is also direct bus service in about 4 3/4 hours.

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Krakow to Prague on a Monday or a Friday is $36 nonstop on Ryanair. Takes an hour. Add 2 hours at the airport before and 1 hour at the airport after and you have 4 hour trip. Compare that to the train (if Monday or Friday works for you).

Air Dolomiti has daily flights from Munich to Venice for $75, again, nonstop and about 1 hour in the air.

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There is a sleeper service from Krakow to Prague. Polrail website can give you details and book the tickets (they don't run the trains, you can also book via the operator). But I know some are nervous about using sleepers so flight might be worth thinking about too, more fussing though.

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If we do, our frst time to take the train between cities. Thank you for the tips & sharing websites & company names (like Polrail)!

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You might want to post this on the Poland Forum, as some locals are likely to pick up on it and have advice on Poland rail tickets. Polrail is an agency and as I said, prices for international tickets seem high. I could not get the PKP to price international tickets.