Train from Milan to Passau

I'm wanting to travel by train from Milan to Passau, Germany Is there a high speed train?
Planning to book first class, and travel in the daytime.

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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No high-speed lines covering the jounrey, unfortunately. No direct train either. You need to buy a ticket with transfers in Verona and Innsbruck and/or München.

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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As mentioned above, there is no single, direct high speed train between the cities. There are some connections that could be called "high speed" depending on your definition of high speed. Is it limited to ICEs, ES (Italian Eurostar), and TGV? Then no. If if means any express train, including ICs and ESs, then yes, there are high speed connections, but they are round about and take longer (timewise) than shorter (distance-wise) connections using slower trains. Use the German Rail (Bahn) website to find connections. The best "connection" I see (10½ hours, 2 changes) is ES from Milan to Verona, EC (EuroCity) from Verona to Munich, and an RE (Regional Express) from Munich to Passau.