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Towel for semi-budget travel, absolutely needed?

I'm considering getting a towel from RS website, but not sure if it'll be worth it.
I'm not talking about small towel, I'm sure my hands will dry quickly enough under blazing summer sun :P
I'm talking about those medium-large size bath towel. My hostel said they provide only one towel during the stay.
Now, I'm ready to get a bit sleazy, so I can stand using one towel for two or three days, as long as I know someone won't wipe their butts with that same towel, haha.
Will buying a towel worth it? And those who bought towel from RS website, how fast do the towels dry?

Thanks in advance!

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I got a regular bath towel size micronet towel and man it came in handy several times. Most hostels I stayed in in Europe did not provide towels although some did. It packs thin and light and it does a good job drying me off and it quick dries too, just hang it up for a bit. I really liked it.


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We recently stayed in lower budget hotels and hostels in London, Paris, Switzerland, Venice, Rome and Sorrento. Had thought about bringing a towel, but were glad we didn't. They all supplied at least one. True, you are usually stuck with the same towel for 2-3 days, but that's no different than having the one Rick Steve's one either. I'd say save your money. You'll rather use the backpack space for something else!

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I pack a small microfiber towel. I'm not sure it's necessary because I can't recall any lodging that didn't provide a towel (sometimes threadbare). I use it at a park or beach too or as a table cloth for a picnic.

Rather than pay a ton for a travel towel, get the microfiber towel and wash mit (2 towels and 3 mits)set at Costco. They usually have them this time of year. The whole set is less than one "travel" towel and the included towels are sturdier and more absorbant than any travel towel I've found.

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I have the middle-sized Rick Steves towel--and I certainly wouldn't want anything bigger. I use it to pat clothes dry after washing them in the sink and as a picnic tablecloth. It drys very fast--and with the wet/dry pouch I can pack it damp. I like it; but if space were at a premium, I'd be happy to leave it at home. All the hostels I've stayed in have provided adequate bath towels.