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Tours that accommodate people with disabilities

I walk slowly and with a cane. I am not able to keep up with the "normal" younger, more physically fit tour group, and yet I would hope to still be able to travel within the states and Europe. I have been researching online for travel companies that accommodate people like me and have found several. I would appreciate Rick Steves' opinion as to which company or companies he recommends. The ones I have found online are as follows: RELAXED EXPLORER; STRIDE TRAVEL; SAGE TRAVELING; ACCESSIBLE JOURNEYS; AND WAVE JOURNEY.


Elaine Gavette

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Unless a moderator chimes in, you will not hear from the Rick Steves company on this forum - this is a forum of individuals with an interest in European travel.

But, there are people with and/or travel with people with disabilities - hopefully you will hear from them.

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As far as information on tours that can accommodate people with disabilities in Europe, you may want to read RS article that addresses this subject.: Tips for Travelers with Disabilities. This may be one resource for you. Hope this will be a start in your research. All the best.

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I am on Trip Advisor a lot so I did a search on the "all forums" function with the companies you list.

Relaxed Explorer - did not have any luck with getting hits on this company but you may have better luck on the Travel with Disabilities forum mentioned upthread.

Stride Travel - appears to be a travel agent or a company that "links" you with actual tour companies. That often means you're paying a premium as they need their cut too. Actually it sounds like a fancy search engine. I would proceed with great care on this one. If something is too good to be true, it probably is.

Sage Traveling - Sounds like the real deal. They bill themselves as "The European Disabled Travel Experts". They indicate their company founder has a T-4 incomplete spinal cord injury but uses a wheelchair to get around.

Accessible Journeys - Didn't come up with much on this company. Mostly people were asking about it but didn't see any replies from people who had actually used them.

Wave Journey - didn't have any luck on this one

I'll also mention Road Scholar (used to be Elder Hostel). I have done 11 programs with them and they do have some programs with a slower pace. I'll also say that I did one of their programs in Provence this last Fall and there were 3 people who used assistive devices on the tour - 2 used canes and 1 used 2 walking poles. They were able to keep up with the group although they did skip the parts of the tour that had lots of steps. Here is a link to the Road Scholar search engine for "Easy Pace" programs.

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Also river cruise companies that cater to an over-55 population like Viking will typically have a 'slow walkers' option for their included day excursions. The Cruise Critic web site and forums can be a good resource for those kinds of details

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Thank you!! I will check that out with Viking though their introductory video did not indicate any accommodations for "slower" walkers. I probably need to call and talk with a live person. Thanks for the suggestion!!

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Most ocean cruises cater very well to travelers with disabilities. Disney Cruise Line, for example, has signature port adventures in every port for those of varied abilities.

For example see their Med excursions:,wheelchair-accessible-pa/ (if for some reason that unfiltered itself, I clicked on filter and then scrolled down to wheelchair accessibility)

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You ALL have been so helpful!!! I am most grateful!! Thank you for taking the time to respond as your suggestions have provided the encouragement I have needed! Elaine