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To leave my laptop in Rome Airport or Not?

I'm going to be in Rome for night and i am going to leave my luggage in the store luggae in Rome airport and I am thinking about leaving my laptop in you think it would be safe? I can lock my luggage and also I have one of those coded straps. I sent them an email but have not gotten an answer and for sure will never will get one.

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Bea, I never put anything in the left luggage (both lockers and the checked kind) if I can't imagine living without that item (a full memory card of photos from my trip for instance) I know that I would be at a huge loss if my lap top disappeared. You have to choose whether it is worth the risk. I choose not to take my computer as it is 1) Heavy, 2) I can access my email and most other info from an internet cafe.

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Never walk away from any valuable item unless it is specifically covered by travel insurance. If it's covered and you have taken reasonable precautions then you have no wories, provided you back up all the stuff that is mot replaceable onto a disc before you leave home.

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I rarely take my laptop now as most hotels have internet access and also there are cafes everywhere. I agree the question you need to ask is how would you feel if it was stolen? Unless you really need it leave it at home. Better to be safe than sorry.