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Tipping in a Private Guide in Paris

We are going on a Rick Steves tour in May. I know that RS has a no tipping policy but we have booked a private tour guide for our first day in Paris. We are paying her 250 euros for the day. Should we be adding a tip to that and if so , how much. She works for herself and not for someone else if that makes a difference.

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It's a full day private tour. From what I have seen her price is in the ballpark with what other experienced tour guides in Paris are charging. While there are only two of us, it is a custom tour and we will get to see the things that we want to see and do the things we want to do. Given our short time in Paris, we feel it is an efficient way to spend our time. Everytime I have spend more than I really wanted to get something special, it has paid off with a lifelong memory (e.g. helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon). Hope this works out as well.

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At 250E, I hope you are getting a really long tour, and you have a nice size group to split that charge! Seems high to me..does it include entry fees to sights and lunch?

anyway....I'd say, after the tour, if you feel she was great and want to tip, go for it.

We took a day tour in Palermo (paid $100 for 2 of us) included lunch and transportation and entry fees to sights. We tipped the guy 20E after because we felt like he really took care of us and did a fantastic job explaining the history of Palermo, the mafia, etc.

So, if you want to tip, go for it, if you feel uncomfortable by not tipping, offer 10-20E. If she works for herself that 250 for the day is a good income!

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If she works for herself, and not a company, I don't think and extra tip is necessary, she's getting E250 already.