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Time in Paris prior to check-in

Hello everyone, My family arrives in Paris at 8:15 a.m. on Thursday, April 17. We are not able to check in to our apartment until 4:00 p.m. Nor can we store our luggage at the apartment. I am interested in any ideas on how we can spend our time until we can check in. I would love any ideas where we can go somewhere, check our luggage, etc. I know we will be tired from our flight. Thanks!

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Michael, you can check your bags at some (though not all) of Paris's train stations. Also, Blue Marble is a private company that provides this service (I've never used them) for about 5 euros per day; their location at Les halles might be convenient. Also, the agency or person who is renting you your apartment might have other suggestions.

I would check my bags and do some sightseeing, with an emphasis (weather permitting) on out-of-doors walks, parks, and monuments. However, this might not suit you and yours, depending on the ages and interests and stamina of your family members.

Faced with the prospect of such a long and potentially grueling day, I would also make trip preparation to minimize jetlag a priority. This includes things like the anti-jet-lag diet, time-shifting in advance of departure, melatonin, etc.

These measures are burdensome and complicate departure, but in your case I think they will be worthwhile. You don't want to crash until you have someplace to go!