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We just came back from Italy. While there we went to a TIM store and got a SIM card. Now that we are back, we received a text saying that any additional minutes will be charged. Is there a way to cancel the account? Their website is all in Italian. Does anyone know if we kept the card and went back in a few months would the account/number still be active and do we just add minutes to the SIM card?

Posted by Jeff
Bend, OR, United States
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"Service Life
Your data service is good for 30 days from the time it's activated. Additional 30 day credit extensions are available online from our website or buy adding at least 25 Euros of call credit locally through a tabac or TIM store. Your Italian SIM card is good for one year. Each recharge extends the life of your SIM card for one year from the date of the recharge. If one year lapses between recharges your SIM card and phone number will expire. To inquire about the possibility of extending your SIM card's service life while outside the SIM card's country of origin, contact the telecom provider's customer service, Cellular Abroad does not provide support for this feature. At the 30 day cycle, your SIM card will automatically deduct 24 Euros and renew your unlimited 30 day data plan. If your credit is below 24 Euros, you will be charged the standard data fees (which are pricey). Therefore, if you intend to use your TIM SIM card for more than 30 days for data, we recommend that you carefully monitor your credit and ensure that you have at least 25 Euros of credit at each 30 day cycle. You will find a copy of these instructions on our website at http://www.cellularabroad.com/italySIMop.php"

Posted by Angela
Fremont, CA
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Thanks Jeff. We paid like 15 Euros cash and was thinking that would get us through the week in Italy with text/voice/data, which it apparently did. We were thinking that we would leave the account active so that my parents could use the unlocked phone when they visit Italy in June. But what was concerning to me is that today I got a unexpected text message in Italian while at home in California via what looks like the T-Mobile (?!) carrier that to keep the "Everything Seconds Full" option available(whatever that means, that I would be charged 5 Euros a week! What is this all about? I mean I'm not too worried in that we only gave them 15 euros cash and no credit card. But I don't want my parents to try to use it in June and we end up owing like 70 euros or something. So I'm trying to just cancel the account before any more weirdness happens, but not sure how. Thanks!