Tieks, are they worth the money?

I have many friends swear by these flat as the most amazing travel shoes ever. Any thoughts about if they are worth the money? I have small, wide feet with high arches. Thanks. http://tieks.com/

Posted by Hille
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They sure don't look like they have any arch support. I wouldn't spend that kind of money for ballet flats....I'd rather spend it on an additional 4 days in Holland or Germany. :)

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Lisa,, first off, doesn't matter if your friends love and swear by a shoe, your feet could be completely different. I swear by Naots.. but others swear by Clarks or Eccos.. there is no ONE brand that suit everyone. Second. those are ballet flats, and I do not care how comfy they are for everyday use at home, they will kill your feet if you wear them while walking and standing for 10-12 hours a day like one does on holidays. You WILL walk more then you think.. I think we do 10 miles a day at least in Paris,, sometimes more. Lastly , if you are under 25 never mind .. young folks torture their feet and then end up old with sore feet ( like me) lol I have seen youngsters travel in flip flops..

Posted by Chris
Tyler, TX
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I just returned from a 3 week trip to Switzerland and France. We did a lot of walking during that time. I brought one pair of Tieks and pretty much wore them everywhere we went. I also brought two other pairs of inexpensive ballet flats to change out since I did not want to wear my Tieks if raining extensively or in grimy areas. I primarily wear ballets at home including when I walk the dog. I have 61 year old feet that have some lasting effects from wearing high heels in my earlier years. I experienced no pain in my days of walking in my flats from 9 am to 10 pm. I agree you have to bring shoes that you are comfortable walking in....i also have 2 pairs of Alegria's that I have worn in the past which are extremely comfortable. Tieks are comfortable if you like wearing ballet flats and if you like adding a pop of chic to your wardrobe. I have 3 pairs and especially find the Tiek Blue very versatile. If you do purchase a pair I would recommend going up 1 full size than what you normally wear. I am a 9 so I purchased a size 10. I wear 10 in all of my ballet flats. I hope this helps....only you can decide what works for you.....Tieks will refund an unworn (outside) pair if they do not work for you and do not charge for shipping. I am working on my 4th pair:)

Posted by Richard
Los Angeles
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My wife wore Toms and walked everywhere so I am going to show her the Tieks, I think she will like them. Thanks!

Posted by Becca Volosko
Kansas CIty
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I went to Europe last month and brought my 3 pairs of Tieks with me. They were ALL I wore. We did about 3 miles of walking per day and they held up great. No sore feet, no blisters. Definitely my recommendation to stay comfy and still look cute during your travels.

Posted by LGATX
Austin, TX, USA
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Lisa, if you try them, I'll be curious to see what you think. I have high arches and have never had luck with ballet flats esp for Europe travel where we're walking sometimes 8-10 miles a day.

Posted by Pamela
Honolulu, Hawaii
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I have a pair of Tieks but wouldn't dare use them for anything but going to dinner in the same neighborhood as my hotel. They ARE cute but have zero arch support. My recommendation is Arcopedico ballet-style shoes made in Portugal. Not the sleekest looking but super light-weight with fantastic arch support. No break-in time either, which is what I needed with my Tieks. However, when you travel, your feet need good support more than anything. For me, nothing is better than some style of ASICS Gel shoes for daily use. Check those out too!

Posted by Lisa
Seattle, WA, USA
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Well, I'm returning my pair and will be taking my Josef Seibel's and Clarks instead. These didn't work for me. Wide foot with high instep. They were super tight in the front on on the top. My Tory Burch and AGL ballet flats are infinitely more comfortable without a break-in period. Many friends swear by them, YMMV.

Posted by gone
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Lisa, this is just my personal comment. but what works for one person may not work for you especially when it comes to clothes or shoes. i met this woman on my recent trip and she was wearing some flats. The ONLY shoes she brought with her and she regretted every step of it. my recommendation for you. buy it and try it. its the ONLY way you will know. worse case, you wear them around where you live. also, whatever you buy, make sure you walk/stand on them all day too. Depending on where you are going that may vary. Ivd found that there is still alot of cobblestone in europe last year and every place i went this year, the same. cobblstone can be slippery when wet too. i personally take 2 different shoes with me so i can swap them every day. it works for me and my feet dont get tired. Tired feet = tired person. happy trails and happy feet.

Posted by LGATX
Austin, TX, USA
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Thanks for the follow up! Sad, they are cute though! Us high arch girls just can't wear those cute ballet flats! For travel I stick w Merrells! For work day, I swear I do better w a four inch heel than a flat!