Three weeks from Berlin to Dusseldorf?

Howdy all! So, I'm graduating from a master's program in about a year and need some advice. I have racked up a healthy amount of British Airways points, and as many of you probably know, the only way to truly get to Europe for free with those points is to fly into Dusseldorf or Berlin on AirBerlin. My wife and I have about three weeks to spend from there. Obviously, we could spend three weeks in Germany, but since I've only been to Europe once before (Spain and Portugal for our honeymoon), I'd like to see a bit more. So, the super broad question I have: any ideas on a three week itinerary starting in Berlin and ending in Dusseldorf? We're both pretty open - the problem is there are just too many options! My idea right now is to travel from Berlin to Prague, spend a few days in Bavaria, Budapest, fly to Amsterdam, and then take a train to Dusseldorf.

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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I'd start that trip staying 4 days in Berlin to really enjoy the city without the usual haste people visit it.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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What, no Italy? Benjo with cheap, very fast, trains and frequent, cheap discount airlines covering all of Europe, you could go anywhere (pretty much) in Europe in 3 weeks. You acknowledge the wideness of your question. But you haven't given us here anything to hang our hat on. It is difficult to suggest where would be best for you without lots of more information from you. Travel is not a one-size-fits-all exercise. Anybody can give you a list of things they think you "must do". It will be based on their preferences and likes, not yours nor your wife's. Please tell us what sort of things interest the two of you. What sort of holiday do you want to have? Go, go, go and check off things as you see them through a window, or quiet - basing yourself in one or two places with perhaps a few day-trips to nearby places? Museums in detail or in a beach-chair on the sand with a drink? Walking in the mountains or working out in a gym? Sightseeing or eating and drinking? Early to bed or clubbing? Spas and saunas or riding trains? You see what I mean? What did you like or dislike in Spain (where?) and Portugal (where?)? Other than that you can use miles getting there, why Berlin or Dusseldorf? If one or the other, which one? Why? What about Prague, Bavaria (where? It is a big place?), Budapest, Amsterdam?
What intrigues you about them? And do you and your wife speak as one voice, or do we need to help you meet different needs for both of you? Congratulations on getting through your Masters (soon).

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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I'd probably choose from a couple options, both A and B with a rented or leased car (basic cars are cheaper to rent, bigger/nicer cars are cheaper to lease), B2 by train and ferry/cruise ship: Option A: Start south out of Berlin to pick up, at least, Munich and Salzburg, maybe some Switzerland (if your budget can stand it), a loop through part of France. If you haven't killed your time by then, you could come back up through Belgium and the Netherlands, then back to Koln and finally Dusseldorf for your ride home. Add or subtract destinations to your taste. Option B, B2: Make it a northern swing into Scandinavia by car or, B2, get on a cruise or ferry hops from Warnemunde to cover the Baltic Capitals by sea. After the cruise, you can come back down through Hamburg then Koln and finish in Dusseldorf. I tend to try to create logical swaths through an area and minimize the backtracking - which is why I'd choose north or south, not both.

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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Another option by train. Start south through Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and continue down to Croatia. From there pick up a cheap Euro flight back to either Berlin or Dusseldorf for your flight home (unless you can find a flight, using points, from that area). If you have time, both Koln and Hamburg are convenient by train from Dusseldorf.

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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Hi, With three full weeks flying into Berlin and dep from Düsseldorf, I see you have two basic choices, both of which are doable. First, you make this an all German trip, ie., just stay in Germany for the entire three weeks, or, secondly, include some outside cities such as Budapest, Prague, or Paris in your intinerary. What about Vienna? If you choose an all German trip, then I suggest seeing Berlin, Potsdam, Leipzig or Dresden, Hamburg, or Frankfurt, and Munich...yes, alot of choices even if you just pick big cities. For a place to get away from it all, say, between Berlin and Düsseldorf, I suggest Minden an der Weser.