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"The Shows Must Go On!"

The famous composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber, along with Universal Studios, will be releasing full-length musicals every Friday for you to watch for free!

More information can be found here:

Today's performance: The Phanthom of the Opera

Please note:

Due to rights restrictions, this will be available for 24 hours in the UK and 48 hours in all other countries

Enjoy the show!

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Thank you for sharing this! I am a musical theatre fan. I've seen many, but with not much else to do, I will enjoy watching them again!

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Thanks for posting this Priscilla! Since musicals are your thing, I highly recommend Fosse/Verdon, which you can find on Hulu and FX.

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Mike, thanks for the Pink Floyd info. Awesome. Will watch this weekend. I was at one of the 94 concerts at Earls Court - and, although they're not my favourite band (huge Springsteen fan here and he's another who's put up one of his concerts for free) - this was by far the best concert I've ever been to, felt like an out of body experience, they threw everything at it.

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Well done Mike, well done. Even if Roger's not there it's still awesome.

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Woah, that's weird -- the webmaster musta deleted part of my comment.


-- Mike Beebe

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Thanks so much for posting this, Priscilla, it is nearly 50 years since I saw Superstar on stage in New York and I have never seen Phantom. This is most excellent. Just by the way Superstar is still available although I am sure that Phantom will go away very soon.

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Love Andrew Lloyd Webber. Saw The Phantom of the Opera twice. Also another favorite was Cats. My favorite rendition of "Memory" was Betty Buckley (1983) Tony Awards. ;)

Thanks Priscilla!

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I saw an announcement that the next show will be “Love Never Dies” which is the sequel to Phantom. I was a bit skeptical about this so didn’t pay to see it when it came to town. I’m glad I can satisfy my curiosity about it this Friday.

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I saw Love Never Dies a couple of years ago. I came very close to falling asleep, but that was after a long day at work. It’s free on YouTube so I’m looking forward to giving it a second chance

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I had no idea there was a sequel to Phantom so I’m looking forward to watching it! Thanks for posting!