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The (Christmas) Gift of Travel

Anyone giving/receiving the Gift of Travel this Christmas?
If so where are you going? When? Why did you choose the destination?

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Hello FA - I am giving myself the gift of travel this year. I loved Italy so much that I am returning for a 10 day trip beginning this Thursday.

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I'm giving myself a RS best of Ireland tour in May 2008. I'm going despite the bad dollar because life is too short to stay home!

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I'm giving myself a week-long trip to Paris on January 10th. I went in January last year and loved it. I've been there several times before -- and have had wonderful times with family and friends,
but I've always wanted to take a solo trip and just do whatever I want -- wander the city, spend hours in a museum or a cafe, etc. Go where my spirit takes me. I'm very excited about doing this.

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I am giving myself the present of a RS tour to Paris and the South of France.

I will be turning 50 next year, and while I will not be in Paris on my exact birthday, I want to go to Paris to celebrate my 50th. I can't think of a better place for a 50th.