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Thank you to everyone that posted In the latest tour scrapbooks!

Your hard work and wonderful tour scrapbooks are giving me some great perusing. Thanks for all of the time you put into your scrapbooks.

If anyone has some free time on their hands now (as many of us do..) I recommend you go to the tour scrapbook link and relive some great travel times.

Best wishes to this travel community. Thanks for all of the advice and great ideas posted by all of you. I feel for those who have had your trips cancelled- so sorry!!!! have planned a RS 17 days best of Italy in September 2020, so we shall see.

Good health wishes to everyone. Best wishes to those of you in the travel industry. Prayers and love sent to those out there on the front line and their loved ones. Hopefully- we will be able to return to our beloved travel soon.. until then.. tour scrapbooks, travel videos (I have been watching my Rick Steve’s collection) and reading and internet research. While many of us are full of understandable negativity right now- we are lucky that we have the capability to still live vicariously thru the internet and television. Can you imagine living thru this 100 years ago??? Best wishes to you all- Lisa

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I also love Rick Steve’s daily travel notes and stories posted on this website. It’s so wonderful!

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Hi Lisa G!
Thank you for your (usual) uplifting contribution to the Forum. I too am appreciative to this community & look forward to living vicariously thru the scrapbooks, videos etc.