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Test Drive A Tour Guide Today Feb 9th

I think you can watch this today??

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For those outside the local neighborhood: the Seattle area is currently experiencing a Snowpocalypse, so expect most "normal life" things to be abandoned, delayed, or in some state of chaos. Those who live in places where there's actual winter conditions will laugh, but a few inches of snow (or even the threat of snow) causes the Seattle area to panic, the lizard brain takes over, and mayhem ensues. I'd guess that things in Edmonds may not be operating entirely as expected right now (although it's certainly pretty outside and good for taking pictures, with people skiing by down the streets). Stay warm and dream of Mediterranean shores.

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The presentation seems to be working normally. As long as the power and internet connections haven't been affected by the weather, "the show must go on" despite a snowpocalypse.

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Stay safe(which means off the roads) in Seattle-from a state that experienced Snowpocalypse 5 years ago and now if snow is predicted, everything shuts down!