Tech talk- downloading Rick's Audio tour

Does anyone know how to download the Audio tours to iTunes or something like that. we were thinking of using the ipod and this would be easier from there? Any ideas. also hubby has a android phone can it be put on there. I didn't have any problem with my iphone but these others baffle me. Thanks. :)

Posted by Charles
Austin, Texas, USA
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I downloaded them onto my iphone with the RS app. Warning - Rick is a VERY good public speaker but comes across a little too scripted in the audio tours. I personally like the walking tours in the book better than the audio tours. With the audio tours we found ourselves hitting pause a lot and losing our place. With the book you can go at your own pace. Good luck!!

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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I download from iTunes to my computer, then upload to my iPod.

Posted by Miranda
Central Indiana, USA
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You should be able to install the RS app on your ipod then download the tours you want. For your husband, he can search Google Play/Android Market for the app.

Posted by Pam
Troy, Idaho, USA
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By no means am I tech-savvy, but I did download the RS Android app to my phone and have listened to several of the walking tours. I have actually listened to them for entertainment when I do my morning walk. Sometimes it is more fun to be in London than N. Idaho!

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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The audio tours are available through iTunes, but are just as easily obtained through the Android app.

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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Like any audio tour, you have to pause a lot as you walk along. The only place I really had a problem following the tour was at the Louvre, because they moved exhibits around a lot after Rick recorded the tour. Do be sure to print out the maps, since it can be confusing to follow the tours without them.

Posted by Shelley
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Thanks everyone. I will see what we can do. Thank you Chani, That is interesting. Well, the Louvre might be one I don't worry about. What I did with the London Walk one was listen to it and take notss of what we would find interesting and scrap the rest. :) I need to do that any of them. Thanks all!