Swiss weather June

I'm headed to Switzerland in June 2012 and need some pointers on what to pack. Is the weather in the altitudes above 3000 feet still cold or freezing? And how does weather there compare with cities such as Bern and Interlaken? I will be there mid-month. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide; I don't want to overpack or be unprepared.

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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Layers are what you need, including a rain jacket and a lightweight fleece to wear under it. We have been there in late June, late July, and late August ( that one twice) and have had some cold rainy weather in the mountains each time.

Posted by Larry
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We were there in early June and the weather was great. At 5,200', Muerren was completely free of snow. We walked down to Gimmelwald from Muerren with no jacket or sweater. The wildflowers in the alps were in full bloom. Wengen was also a bit warm and completely free of snow. Kleine Scheidegg on the way up to the Jungfrau was also pleasant. At the Jungfrau, we did have to put on our jackets, gloves and hat to go outside and walk around. No rain for the three days we were there. But, no guarantees on the weather in the Berner Oberland. Our weather may not be your weather. I was just describing what could be. Our trip was great. Plan for layered clothing. Bring a good day pack to hold your stuff. We had ours along with us.

Posted by BJ
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Thanks much. We figured layers were the best bet, and your post confirms this. We're crossing our fingers for the kind of weather you had! Thanks again :)

Posted by Nicole P
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We were in Murren late Sept and the weather was amazing the day we were there - I'm sure June will be awesome

Posted by pat
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I was in Wengen in July a few years ago,, they said the trails above still had snow on them till mid june,, and when we did the Kliene Scheindeg hike/walk, there was still some snow along the sides,, but it wasn't particularily cold. We hit two beautiful clear days , the views were in fact mind blowing, but the first day we arrived it was completely socked in,, saw nothing.. waking up on the second day was awesome.. good luck.