Summer Schools

My wife and I, both college graduates, early 60s in age, would like to find some summer courses to take at a university in Europe. Looking for courses taught in English language in social sciences history, art, culture, political science, education, etc. Prefer northern Europe Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, etc. Not looking for credits or a degree, just to broaden our horizons. And not looking for tours. Can handle our own lodging, meals and travel. Ideal would be somthing like a four week course in art history at Heidelberg University. Would welcome suggestions as to where to begin looking,

Posted by Anna
Lawrenceville, Georgia
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I'd start by looking at the university websites. If you find any courses taught in English anywhere other than in English speaking countries, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

Posted by Pamela
New York City, NY, USA
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Here are some. The Scottish Universities' International Summer School Archaeology Scotland The Royal Conservatory of Scotland Or study Gaelic on Skye. Gaelic College. BTW did you check with your alma mater? They might know of programs. It looks like there were a lot of schools from the US with programs in Scotland. They may not all be just designed for undergraduates. Pam

Posted by Jim
Bern, Switzerland
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What about learning some German? There is a two week beginners course including a cultural program offered in Heidelberg for 1,520 Euros including B&B in single rooms. It is sponsored by the German Government hence the reason why it is so cheap. Here is the link: I've not been there, but I've done some other courses with them and it was a lot of fun.