Summer 2014 16 day itinerary Spain, Tuscany, Sardinia

We're a middle aged USA couple (young at heart) who just got married and are deferring our honeymoon until July 2014 when we have to be in London for a family celebration. From London we'll have 16 days to play. Below is what I'm trying to achieve. Thoughts are appreciatedparticularly on area of Sardinia to head to? We'd like something more mellow, less touristy, less hustle, bustle. What we're clear ontrying to have some fun and food in San Sebastian for a few days to kick off the trip, followed by a combo of Tuscany and Sardinia. No Florence, Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre on this trip (done these before). Sardinia will be a new experience, Lucca would be really fun to return to, Siena too, hill towns mentioned would also be new. Day 1 : From San Sebastion Spain (via Bilbao?) Day 2-3-4-San Sebation, Spain Day 5 : From San Italy (via Pisa perhaps?). Day 6-7-8-9: Siena or Lucca home base, day trips in Tuscany (Pienza, Monteplulciano). Day 10-16: Sardinia
Day: 17: Making our way back to USA from ???

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Roberto will probably chime in with more information about Sardinia (or do a search here and you'll find his posts on it). But I'd start by looking at flights. From London to Spain you should have various choices, but from San Sebastian to Italy you may be limited (or have to make connections). From mainland Italy to Sardinia should be easy, and then from Sardinia back to the US you'll probably have to change in Rome, and then again at least once more to get back to Oregon (unless there is a flight from Sardinia to Amsterdam). To see who flies from which airport, look at the airport's entry in Wikipedia. Taking my own advice, I see that both Bilbao and San Sebastian have airports, but Bilbao has MUCH more service. I also see that you can fly from Bilbao to Bologna starting later this year. Whether it's easier to get to Lucca this way, vs a connecting flight to Pisa, I'm not sure. Sardinia has three airports: 1. Alghero 2. Olbia
3. Cagliari Then double check actual flights on Skyscanner For flights to and from the US, use Kayak, and choose "multi city" to fly into Spain and out of Italy.

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I don't know about the other locations, but I will give you my thoughts about a base for the hill towns you have mentioned. It would be good to know if you will have a car for this portion of your trip. Of your options between Lucca and Siena as a home base, I would choose Siena as it is closer to where you want to go. I am going to send you a Private Message with a suggestion about where to stay.