Suggestions for 1 Week Summer Vacation

So a buddy of mine and I have one week to travel in June or August. I was looking for ideas and suggestions for where travel. Probably looking at one or two cities at most (including nearby areas). Suggestions?

Posted by Kris
San Diego
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Forgot to add: we're mid-20s single males on a semi-budget. Probably going to do a hostel, etc.

Posted by gone
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hi, so, are we suppose to just throw out ideas and hope one sticks or are you going to give us some ideas on what your likes are? you could get a map of the world, post it on all wall, blindfold yourselves and each throw a dart and go where they hit. one week doesnt give you alot of time. If you go to europe, you will loose one day. happy trails.

Posted by Thomas
Vienna, Austria
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I was gonna jump in and recommend flying into Munich for the beer and fly out of Amsterdam for the, well, everything. But then I realized how sexist that would be. (Tongue-in-cheek font.) Seriously, what are you guys into? History? Nature? Football/soccer? Visiting ancient battle sites or WWI or WWII battle sites? Castles? Music? Architecture? Wine & Food? Meeting people your age from all over Europe and the world? If it's the last one, Youth Hostels are definitely the way to go. When I was in my 20s, I had the time of my life hosteling around Europe. Definitely expanded my horizons and ultimately was a big part of why I'm living in Europe now. So I support this idea. However, with only one week as an intro to Europe, you can't get too ambitious. London and Paris might be a good first trip. It won't be your last. Let us know your interests! Good luck.

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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London and Paris Or, Amsterdam and Munich. Munich and Venice
You couldn't go wrong with any of these trips. I love all the cities.

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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Have the two of you ever been to Europe? Again, any particular interests? 'Drunk and disco' will have to be someone else's domain...But for museums, good beer, beautiful scenery, history, etc., I may be able to suggest some places and activities. I'd personally vote for June; August will be hotter. I hate hot. With a two-city itinerary, you can probably pull off a quickie trip on short notice...IF you can afford the airfare (ouch). Congrats on your "one or two cities at most"! That's reasonable ;-)