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student discounts: do you need an international student card?

Can you please advise a 18 year old going to France/Switzerland for the first time without parents: what kidn of international ID to get for travel/museum/sites discounts? Not staing in hostels this time, so probably no need to hostel id.

thank you!

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A lot of places in France give a "youth" discount, so any ID proving you're under 26 works at most places. But I would take a student ID as well, as some places only gives student discounts. As long as the ID has your name and the name/logo of some educational institution, they will accept it.
Bon voyage!

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I used my university-issued student ID in Ireland and Germany when I was in grad school and got discounts at most sites. Not much, a few euros, but it adds up.

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You might want to check some of the museum websites. I have the feeling that you need to be an EU citizen to get those student discounts in France. Don't know about Switzerland. Have you checked over on Trip Advisor with some of the destination experts? They will know for sure.

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We just came from France and took our ISIC. It cost $22 to get and we probably came out a little ahead with what it saved us. In Paris, you should get the museum pass because that will save you more money then individual discounts at each place. Most of the stuff that isn't covered in it, don't give student discounts, ie Eiffel Tower. You can use your government issued idea for under 26 savings on trains.

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I just showed my college ID at Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London and got a student discount. I didn't try it anywhere else.