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Star ATMs

I will be traveling to London, Paris, Munich, Salzburg and Italy in Sept and my ATM card works on the Star System. Are Star ATMs readily availble in these areas?

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Any other logos than Star? If it has a Visa or M/C logo, it will work virtually anywhere. I looked around online for some assurance that Star was widely available but didn't really find it. Most were asking pre-trip and said all they got was "ask your financial institution for locations." Nothing from someone who had returned and had no problem using their card (nor just returned and had problems using their card).

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STAR is a North American network favored by some credit unions. Not available in Europe. Goggle STAR for more information.

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My credit union card is a Star card....but it's also VISA-branded and I've used it all over the world (Europe, China, Costa Rica) without a single problem.

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Plus is the Visa network. Cirrus is the Mastercard network. Anything else is not likely to work in Europe.

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The Star system is only in the US. My ATM card also has only the Star system logo, and a MasterCard logo for the debit function in the US. My bank's advice was that it should work fine in Europe but try to use only ATMs with a MasterCard logo on them. This doesn't precisely answer your question, but I recently returned from Spain and had no problem using ATMs there. Every bank-owned ATM we used had the MasterCard logo and about a dozen other logos. We didn't try non-bank ATMs because of possible additional fees, and there were bank ATMs everywhere. Assuming that your ATM card has either a MasterCard or VISA logo somewhere on it, it will probably work fine...hopefully somebody else who has a Star-only card and used it in the countries you will visit will chime in.