specific tipping questions

hello! i am not sure if i should be tipping or not (or how much) in the following situations. - i have a hotel in sarajevo that is providing me with airport shuttle for 10euro. its a 10km ride. do i tip on top of that? - i have a guesthouse in belogradchik that is providing me with a complimentary ride to the bus stop (10 minutes walking). do i tip? - supershuttle in paris to the airport. in the us, i usually tip $3 (if i only have one bag). whats a good tip for paris? thank you!

Posted by jennifer
brooklyn, ny, usa
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suz - unless i am blind, i see a grand total of zero of my specific questions addressed on that link you posted? thanks everyone!

Posted by Sarah
Stuttgart, Germany
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In Europe with prepaid shuttles I haven't tipped. Honestly it hasn't occured to me to. (I do tip for taxis). I'm not sure if that's kosher or not, it's just what I've done. It's never seemed expected. For the complimentary ride, I'd go ahead and throw the equivalent of a dollar or euro their way. Or for any ride where they're helping me significantly with a lot of luggage.

Posted by Nancy
Corvallis OR
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Tipping is a personal choice (as it should be). In the following I would: hotel airport shuttle - if the driver handles your bag - 1 euro complimentary ride from guesthouse - no. I had a B&B owner drive me to a rental car place and I offered her a tip, she was insulted. supershuttle in Paris - 1 euro per bag On the shuttles, if you load your bag yourself, no tip is required or expected.

Posted by Bets
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Paris Supershuttle, I'd give 2 euros for one bag.
Yes, I'd tip for the other shuttle.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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I tend to tip very little in Europe; I am aware of the various countries' treatment of "service" charges and how they are or are not redistributed. I have to say I never take taxis (last one, with bicycle and wife across London over a decade ago) or shuttles (never in Europe), so take my thoughts with grain of salt. I used to drive SuperShuttle in Los Angeles, based just down the street from LAX. I did very well and it helped me go back to school and start a new career, for which I was very grateful... I don't remember how much I made per hour from SuperShuttle as pay but it wasn't much. The great vast bulk of my income was from tips from taking people to and from LAX and to and from Hollywood. Is the same model in play in Paris? dunno. If it is I would, were I to use their services, be inclined to tip fairly well, regardless if luggage was involved, and even more if it was.... hmmmm.