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Spam posts

I am trying to plan a trip and monitoring the forum for answers to my inquiries.

Wondering who are these pathetic individuals that have nothing better to do than post spam? Are they malicious? bored? have no friends?

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Set your forum account so you get an alert in your email when someone replies to your specific inquiry.

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Spam, identity theft, and selling of private information garnered through pfishing of info is quite lucrative. I personally don't think some individual sits there and posts every day, it's likely a coded/ pre-written bot script that is run automatically and in various iterations (using emojis intermittently, same content under different usernames, etc) to flood this forum since it's proven easy to penetrate. It doesn't help when people reply directly and keep feeding it. I'm pretty sure it's not just this forum that's being flooded with these messages, it's probably a way to test security of various websites. If it's easy to monetize spam, it will continue.