Spain-Tuscany-Sardinia from London July 7-24

We have 17 days. Desired destinations: San Sebastian Spain for 5 days, 4-5 days in Tuscan hill towns (rent a car), 6-7 days in Sardinia. Plan has been to fly home to Oregon from Romesave Sardinia for last. Wondering if someone with more experience and geographical wits than me has a better idea for how best to organize getting to these three destinations. What's immovable is London. We'll be there for a family event and be leaving on Monday 7/7. What would be your first move? I was thinking Spain first, then on to Italy, than home from Italy. Thanks, Andy T.
Eugene, OR

Posted by Andy
Eugene, OR, USA
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: We can save $200 a ticket if we fly home to Oregon from Spain as opposed to Italy. That makes me think about going directly from London to Italy and finishing the trip in San Sebastian and flying home from Bilbao. Look forward to hearing any ideas anyone has...

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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The order and direction of your travel (clockwise or counterclockwise) is up to you. You could fly to Tuscany first. There are several low cost airline options to both Florence and Pisa (Vueling, Ryanair, Easyjet). Visit Tuscany. Then you can fly to Sardinia with Ryanair (to Alghero) or Alitalia or Meridiana (to Olbia). The northern side of Sardinia is my favorite. Sardinia is big and in 6 days you won't be able to see all of it and enjoy it. After Sardinia you could fly to Spain (Vueling, Iberia from Olbia, Ryanair from Alghero). Then you could fly back to the US from Spain. Above I gave you the "Clockwise Loop option" (London>Tuscany/Italy>Sardinia>Spain>USA). You could do the exact reverse in a counterclockwise fashion (London > Spain > Sardinia > Tuscany/Italy > USA). For sure I wouldn't leave Sardinia for last. First because it's in between Italy and Spain, therefore you couldn't do a loop and you would be back tracking. Second of all because the closer you get to the end of July/August the more Sardinia gets totally sold out and exorbitantly pricey. July is bad enough, end of July/August is even worse. It's going to be really hard on your wallet when you look for accommodations in Sardinia the second half of July.