South of france

My husband and I and our 1 year old daughter are traveling to Europe in may. We will be with family for part of the trip and then want to travel to the South of France for 5 days. I've heard that Provence is beautiful! We want to stay in one place and not do a whole lot of driving. Walking- we have a backpack for the little one, exploring, eating, and wine are all things we love. Recommendations? Hotels? Please help..... Thank you!!

Posted by Charles
Austin, Texas, USA
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Avignon is really nice. Lots of really nice towns close to there via car or train.

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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St. Remy... beautiful village in central location (you would probably want a car) with a great market, shopping, restaurants, beautiful places to walk. I have stayed at Les Ateliers de l'Image (beautiful, modern, swimming pool and nice garden area and a bit pricey) or Hotel Van Gogh (older but charming enough, reasonable and a swimming pool) Edit: Both have parking. Hotel Van Gogh is a few blocks further from the central part of town, but still very walkable.

Posted by Adam
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If you don't want to do "a whole lot of driving," does that mean that you will have a car? (Which I think you will not regret, but I'm just asking.) If so I'd stay away from Avignon, where the car logistics can get hairy, as a base. Better would be a small city (Arles would be great) or town (St Remy lovely, though not the only such; be sure to get accommodations within walking distance to the actual town part). Do pick a base that is centrally located to the sights you do want to see, to minimize driving.

Posted by Robert
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I agree with either Arles or St. Remy. As to Avignon, I'd give it a 1/2 day visit at most, but not a base with a car.